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Sunday, January 01, 2006

a sneak peek at 2006

it's said that whatever you're doing at midnight on january first is what you'll be doing the rest of the year. i'd like to change that to "whatever you're doing the first day of the year", because my entire day was filled with my favorite people and my favorite things. i hope it's a reflection of what my upcoming year will be like...

shortly before midnight, i was surrounded by friends -- some i see on a fairly regular basis, some i hadn't seen in years -- while we stood at the santa monica pier, waiting for the clock to strike twelve. when the countdown finally reached zero, amidst shouts of "happy new year!", we took off on a short three-mile run along the path overlooking the ocean (my sister insists that anyone who chooses to run in the dark "for fun" has to be nuts. she obviously isn't a die-hard runner). once everyone got back, we took some group pictures, hugged each other goodbye, then went our separate ways. many returned to the parties they excused themselves from; i ended up going back home to be with my family.

with the exception of the hour or so that i was out running along ocean avenue, i spent new year's eve with both of my daughters. together, we called my sister and her husband to wish them a happy new year. we also called my parents and siblings in manila to greet them and to go over the plans for my upcoming visit.

after a short four-hour nap, i was off to a morning yoga class taught by seane corn at sacred movement. it was a very inspiring vinyasa flow session where we spent a good amount of time meditating on our new year's resolutions. and rather than have the studio charge the usual fee, seane requested that the class be on a donation basis, with the proceeds going to her off the mat, into the world campaign. very nice.

after a short apres-class snooze, i spent the evening with one of my closest friends; we did the movie-and-dinner thing and had a great time together.

and when that was all over, i went straight to bed and finally caught up on my much-needed sleep.

so if i were to put that all together, my year will look something like this:

1. i will be running and practicing yoga,
2. i will be spending time with my family and friends,
3. i will be having fun, and
3. i will be sleep-deprived (like i am right now)

i'm already looking forward to the next 12 months!