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Monday, July 02, 2007

celebrate your independence!

the 4th of july holiday is almost here! so far, these are the studios who've sent me emails regarding their holiday schedules and/or have their schedule changes posted online:

absolute yoga and pilates, woodland hills

We will be closed for July 4th only. There will be no Yoga and Pilates on this day only.
We will be re-opening on Thursday, July 5th, 2007 with our regular schedule.
From all of us at The Absolute have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday!!

awareness center, pasadena

Happy Fourth of July!
We will be CLOSED for all classes. Regular class schedule as of July 5th.

BKS iyengar institute, west hollywood

Wednesday, July 4. Holiday Class with Aida Amirkhanian, 10am - 12pm, All Levels
Start your Independence Day off with a Yoga class to celebrate America's Birthday!! We will have one class only.
All regular classes that day are cancelled, the normal schedule resumes July 5.

black dog yoga, sherman oaks

4th of July Week Schedule
Schedule remains the same, except for an abbreviated schedule on Wednesday, July 4th:
9:00a Hatha I-II Matt Schwartz
9:30a Hatha I Lauri Janover
10:30a Anusara-inspired Level II-III Jenny Brill
Studio Closes - No P.M. Classes

city yoga, west hollywood

july 4th class schedule:
6:30am mixed - rebecca benenati
8:30am basics - anthony benenati
9:00am mixed - rebecca benenati
10:30am mixed - tara judelle
12:30pm basics community - patricia hernandez
2:00pm mixed community - linda eifer
all other classes are cancelled

dancing shiva, los angeles

New summer schedule starts July 1st. *Special note... 6:00 & 7:30 classes are cancelled for July 3rd & the studio will be closed on July 4th.

exhale center for sacred movement, venice

July 4th Holiday Schedule
Come celebrate Independence Day with us!
9:00a Saul David Raye Level 2/3
9:15a Jaime Elmer Level 1/2
10:45a Micheline Berry + Shaman’s Dream LIVE MUSIC!
10:45a Matthew Cohen Level 1/2
12:30p David Romanelli Music Yoga Flow
12:45p Brad Keimach Level 2 Community Class

exhale santa monica, santa monica

no yoga classes on july 4th

free spirit yoga, long beach

one class - 9:30am all levels andrea testa
all other classes are cancelled

garden of yoga, woodland hills

We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th.
All classes will resume on Thursday, July 5th.
Stay safe and have fun. Have a great holiday.

glendale yoga, glendale


golden bridge yoga, hollywood

***JOIN US FOR SADHANA ON JULY 4TH! 4:00 - 6:00 am***

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Breaking the Piscean Hypnotic Trance - Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh
Cost: $16/keytags
Join Gurmukh for a powerfully liberating class on the 4th of July!
As we grow, we are taught to live within our emotional realms. First we create a nuisance in our lives, then to make sense we cover our nuisance, then we create more nuisance, and cover that — and the layers build within. From all this, we live in a state of hypnosis. We never have a relationship between me and ME.
The Piscean Age taught us, “Learn, I want to Learn.” As we break the mask, we move into, “Be, I want to Be.” To Learn, only takes you deeper into the layers of your pre-set hypnosis. This class will free us To Be, to Feel, To Experience, thus breaking the layers adopted by the brain, from the past. Once you break free, you realize you are GOD.
Watermelon to cool you down will be served at the end of the class!
All other classes are cancelled.

home simply yoga, santa monica

july 4th - closed

karuna yoga, los feliz

**Holiday Note - We will hold our 3 morning classes on July 4th.
Come in and practice before your picnic and fireworks.

liberation yoga, los angeles

The only changes to the schedule will be for Wednesday July 4th. There will be the following classes:
10am 11:30am - Level 1 - Christine Burke (In the NEW and IMPROVED beautiful garden!)
11:30am-1:00pm - All levels Flow - Alicia Johnson
11:30am - 1:00pm - Qi Gong - Leas Maria

progressive power yoga, brentwood and studio city

MARK'S YOGA CHALLENGE... Are you up for it? Whoever does the most classes between July 4th and Labor Day will receive the fall free (3 months/$390 Value). Both studios are participating so get to class!!

july 4th schedule:

brentwood ~
regular class schedule

studio city ~
6:45am power yoga - john mackow
9:30am power yoga - elizabeth folk-blanchard
12:00pm community - megan hyndman
all other classes are cancelled

revive studios, chatsworth


rising lotus, sherman oaks

Freedom is a blessing that we often take for granted. Our practice frees us again and again from inner restriction and limitations. Come celebrate freedom of thought, heart and spirit this Wednesday at Rising Lotus.
Celebrate your independence -- inner and outer -- and share the joy.
4th of July Holiday Schedule
9:00 Level 1-2 with Jonathan Simns
10:30 Mixed Level Flow with Daniel Stewart
All other classes are canceled for the day. Have a safe and sane independence day!

santa monica yoga, santa monica

Studio closed Wednesday July 4

silverlake yoga, silverlake

Wednesday, July 4th:
Studio ONE: Classes will shift to studio two as follows:
9:15am Beginners 2 taught by Jonathan
11:00am Mixed Levels class with Dana
All other classes cancelled
Studio TWO: All classes cancelled

still yoga, silverlake

regular class schedule

swerve studio, los angeles

July 4th Special Schedule
Swerve will be holding 3 morning classes only!
9:00am: Streamline Sculpt with Kim Director (1hr)
10:15am: Yoga Booty Ballet with Gillian (1hr 15min)
11:30am: Anusara Yoga with Elsie (1.5hr) Community Class $9

truyoga, santa monica

There will be a special 2 hour morning yoga class on the Independence Day, from 9:00 -11:00am with Peter Sterios & Ben Fritz. Join Peter and Ben for a fun and energizing way to start your holiday and connect with your community. Class Series Cards can be used or pay a $16 drop in price. All other regular classes will be cancelled on the 4th.

u studio, los angeles

in the spirit of independence day there will be one independent class at 10:30 am wednesday july 4th
i know the posted signs say the building is closed wednesday, but we are REVOLUTIONARY like that and will have our morning fireworks regardless...
the holiday week schedule looks like this
wednesday july 4th -- 10:30 am
thursday july 5th -- 10:15 am and 5:30 pm (no 7:15 pm)
from friday on, the schedule is the same as always--just check the website
wishing you all a fantastic holiday!!!

urth yoga, silverlake

only one class on july 4th: 10am all-levels with gabe hendrie
all other classes are cancelled

yoga bindu, san pedro

The studio will be closed on Wednesday, July 4.

yoga blend, burbank

In observance of 4th of July the studio will be closing at 2pm following Yoga Stretch. The schedule will be modified as followed:
9:30am-11:00am - Level 1-2 with Keric
11:30am-12:45pm - Gentle with Bekah
12:00pm-1:30pm - Level 1-2 with Keric
1:00pm-2:00pm - Yoga Stretch with Nicole
The 6:45am-8:00am and all classes after 2pm will be cancelled. The regular class schedule will resume Thursday morning at 6:45am.
Have a wonderful holiday.

yoga circle downtown

We will be closed on Wednesday July 4 all day.
We will be open, business as usual, throughout the rest of the week.
Have a safe and happy 4th.

yogahop, santa monica

july 4th - closed

yogahouse, pasadena and toluca lake

Wednesday July 4 Independence Day:
Yoga House Pasadena will be open with the following schedule:
7:00 am Level 1 Carolyn Sachs
9:00 am Level 1 Farzaneh Noori
10:00 am Level 2-3 Nancy Kyes
Yoga House Toluca Lake will be closed.

yoga loft, manhattan beach

Mon 7/2 and Thurs 7/5: All regular classes held
Tue 7/3: 7:30pm Level 1 will NOT be held
Wed 7/4: STUDIO CLOSED, Happy 4th!

yoga madre, arcadia

*** We are closed this Wednesday, July 4th, 2007***

yogasofia, hermosa beach

Our July 4th (Wed) HOLIDAY SCHEDULE:
One All-Levels Combo Class takes place from 9-10:30am. JERI & TIM team-teach a Special Holiday Class!
A second Holiday Class was recently added: Beth Shaw comes out to teach a 4th of July Yogafit Core/Glut/Power class from 10:30 to noon. Proceeds will help animals in need via Karma International.
So come get your workout in with like-minded beautiful people before starting up your 4th of July gatherings!

yoga at the village, glendale

Wednesday, July 4th Schedule:
Open for 9am, 10:30am and 12 Noon classes only.
Enjoy a safe and fun holiday evening!

yoga west, los angeles

July 4th- Happy July 4th!
Guru Singh Teaches our ONLY CLASS of the day. 10am

yogaworks, all locations

Bring a friend to YogaWorks with you July 1-8, 07 and their class is FREE. That could make you very popular.
Offer good for new students only and expires 7/9/07.

july 4th schedule (all other classes are cancelled):

center for yoga, larchmont ~
7:30am vinyasa flow (2&3) - colleen garrity
8:30am hatha blend (2) - steven freedman
9:30am anusara (1) - elsie escobar
10:00am yogaworks (1&2) - carmen fitzgibbon
11:00am ashtanga (instructor-led) - joel bender
11:15am iyengar (2) - lani daniels
11:30am hatha blend (2&3) - james morrison

main street ~
7:15am vinyasa flow (2&3) - brock cahill
9:00am vinyasa flow (2&3) - vinnie marino
10:45am vinyasa flow (2) - annie carpenter
12:30pm vinyasa flow (2&3) - mia togo

montana ~
6:30am ashtanga/mysore - gary damsky
7:15am vinyasa flow (2&3) - kathryn budig
9:00am iyengar (2&3) - lisa walford
9:15am level 1&2 - kia miller
10:30am level 2&3 - sara ivanhoe
11:45am level 1 - al tavera

pacific palisades ~
7:30am level 1 - al tavera
9:00am level 2 & 3 - jeff wells
10:30am level 2 - john gaydos
12:00pm iyengar (2) - larry heliker

westwood ~
8:30am yoga works (2) - thomas taubman
9:00am iyengar (1&2) - herb sandoval
10:00am vinyasa flow (2&3) - joan hyman
11:30am vinyasa flow (2&3) - kia miller
12:00pm pilates mat work - eva wilder

yoga world studio, long beach

Yoga World Studio will be open on the 4th of July for the 10.30am class only, this will be an Open level class for the holiday.
We will be closed the rest of the holiday. Thank you for your support and happy holiday!

your neighborhood studio, culver city

9am Yoga Flow with Monique!
Then the Studio will be closed the rest of the day! Have a GREAT 4th of July!