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Monday, June 18, 2007

beach yoga updates

i'm continuing to add classes and events to my beach yoga post as i find them, so please check the beach yoga 2007 link (kinda catchy, isn't it?) on my site every now and then so you don't miss out on all the fun.

speaking of missing out, here's something that's been puzzling me: if the city of hermosa beach hopes to celebrate its 100th birthday by having 100 yogis practice on the beach this sunday, june 24th, how do they hope to round up those yogis if they don't publicize the event through the yoga studios or yoga mags? i've been to a few south bay studios this past week and have even checked their websites, but i haven't heard a peep.

at first, i thought that maybe the event was cancelled, but i've been checking with people involved in the hermosa beach yoga scene, and as far as they know, it's a go. hmmm.

update: i just checked with leeann carey and she confirmed that it's definitely proceeding as planned. remember to bring a towel to practice on as well as lots of sunscreen!

so even if i've already included it in my beach yoga listing, it's worth another mention, especially since it's THIS SUNDAY:

100 yogis on the beach - hermosa beach centennial
where: hermosa beach - meet near the 13th street lifeguard tower north of the pier
when: sunday, june 24th 9:30am
cost: FREE

In celebration of Hermosa Beach's 100th birthday and working towards completing 100 Acts of Beautification, the Centennial Committee has coordinated a program with local Yoga instructors to offer a FREE Yoga program on Sunday, June 24th from 10 am-11:30 am. Sign up begins at 9:30am.

4 classes will be offered simultaneously:
a. Cardio Yoga (Vinyasa/Flow) class
b. An Iyengar (classical yoga) class
c. A Yoga for Kids (PARENTS WELCOME) class - these will be two 30 minute classes for kids under 12
d. Prenatal Yoga clinic and class

The goal is to get 100+ students out of the house and onto the beach, practicing beside some of the South Bay's best instructors. Leeann Carey, owner of Planet Yoga and the liaison to the Centennial Committee says "I've been blessed to nurture Hermosa's yoga soul for a decade... imagine, our collective Hermosa yoga spirit can now support 100 Yogi's... join us at the beach... breathe, refresh and enjoy our joy of yoga with Hermosa's best 100 Yogi's".

and while i'm at it, here's another yoga event that, while not actually on the beach, is beach-related:

yoga for surfers - quicksilver edition mission
where: 1621 abbot kinney blvd, venice CA
when: saturdays, june 9th thru august 25th - all classes 10:00-11:00am
cost: FREE

This summer YogaWorks is proud to team up with QuikSilverEdition to provide weekly yoga classes for surfers and aspiring boardriders. Be sure to join us for special in-class appearances by legendary Quiksilver athletes such as Reese Forbes, Dave Kalama and Shayne McIntyre who will join YogaWorks instructors to help improve your board performance through yoga, for your extreme (or not so extreme) sports.
Please RSVP to request a spot as space is limited.

The QuiksilverEdition Mission is a temporary community space in Venice Beach, California.
The Mission hopes to be a venue and a gathering place for Venice locals. It is also our ambition to create a nexus for the greater California coastal community by drawing people from all over the LA area to participate in unique cultural and educational celebrations. Unless otherwise posted, the events are free to attend and open to the public (however, we do request previous notification).
From June 8th until August 30th 2007, our open hours are Thursday and Friday evenings, and then every Saturday from early in the morning until late at night. On Sundays we are organizing midday activities, workshops and neighborhood outings. Our events will be varied, but united by the values of the QuiksilverEdition brand: “The Mission on Abbot Kinney strives to ensure a sustainable natural environment, a welcome and creative society and the freedom to enjoy life’s easy pleasures.”
There are regular weekly events at the Mission which will include our Sunset Cinema Series on Thursday nights and Live Music Out Back every Friday evening. (If you are a musician or a filmmaker interested in playing at the Mission, contact Greg.West@quiksilver.com) On Saturdays we host Yoga for Surfers in the morning and then the Missionary Speaker Series during our lunchtime barbecue. So you can come by for either the stretching or the the Bloody Marys, the important conversations or some delicious food and great company… or, get our combo platter and stay for the whole day!
In addition to the weekly happenings which you can count on at the Mission, this is also the place for an exciting roster of Marquee Events. Get ready to join us for everything from celebrity appearances, book signings, and art openings to dance parties, film premiers, and tequila tastings.
It’s all happening here, stay tuned.


Blogger Lauren said...

Great Blog...I have no idea how I stumbled across it! I teach in Hermosa Beach (part time to keep me sane - my cubicle sure doesn't do it for me). Thanks for the info - I was wondering about the Hermosa event and I'm definately going to make one of the weekend sessions up in Venice. Anyway, you're missing Pilates Room and Yoga Lounge on your list. Thanks again!

4:00 PM  
Blogger joni said...

hi CO2 --

the pilates room and yoga lounge finally made it to my site! i discovered it last week and just posted something about my experience there.

i'll see you and the other 99 yogis on the beach this weekend -- i'll be the 100th :)

4:30 PM  

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