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Friday, June 15, 2007

practicing outside the box

i'm not a big fan of gym yoga. my biggest gripe has to do with the disparity in student ability and experience, with the teachers usually deferring to the more advanced in the group so that they'll be sufficiently challenged. after all, it's a gym; you're supposed to look and act like a physical god or goddess. or so that's the intention. in the meantime, the yoga newbies are completely overwhelmed and are embarrassed to admit that they can't touch their toes. how are they supposed to impress the athletes beside them who are effortlessly floating in and out of arm balances?

and then there's the issue of monthly dues. the yoga classes with the better teachers are at the better gyms. the more upscale ones. the ones like equinox, sports club la, and crunch. and membership at those places don't come cheap. sure, with your membership comes access to all the fitness facilities, but if you're just into the yoga like i am, the $100+ a month fee is a lot to pay for a handful of yoga classes (because as you know, i can't take the same class over and over again, day after day).

but when those yoga classes are taken out of the building and held in a public park for FREE (with a chance to win cool stuff, no less), i can make an exception :)

crunch fitness is sponsoring a series of outdoor yoga classes at plummer park in west hollywood starting this weekend. here's the promo from their website:

Yogapalooza: Outdoor Tour
Feel the concert vibe in this traveling yoga show featuring local musicians. Held outside in the park, this class energizes your practice with live tunes. Lighters not included. Get the chance to win free cool stuff from Smart Water, Hugger Mugger, Sprig.com and Kneipp.

Saturday, June 16, 11:00am at Plummer Park. (Meet at 10:45am)
Sunday, June 24, 12:00pm at Plummer Park. (Meet at 11:45am)
Saturday, July 14, 11:00am at Plummer Park. (Meet at 10:45am)
Sunday, July 22, 12:00pm at Plummer Park. (Meet at 11:45am)

it should be interesting to find out who the teachers will be and what style of yoga they'll be teaching. i'm going to try to make this saturday's class and let you know how it went :)