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Monday, August 31, 2009

yoga for brain control

a few years back, i picked up a flyer for what looked like a style of yoga that i'd never practiced before: dahn yoga. there supposedly was a studio near my office that offered dahn yoga classes, but since i didn't know much about it, i turned to google to clue me in on what the practice was all about.

on the dahn yoga website, there were testimonials from students who claimed that dahn yoga reduced their stress and healed their physical ailments; in short, it changed their lives for the better. and who wouldn't want that?

there's was one catch, though. i had to sign up for a private one-on-one session. and if i wanted to take more classes, i'd have to sign up for the program and commit to some kind of membership. but since i don't do the yoga membership thing because i like the flexibility of taking classes anywhere, anytime with anyone, i never got around to taking that intro class.

i then started hearing rumors about how dahn yoga was actually a cult. a cult? you mean like one of those groups that'll brainwash me into doing everything they tell me to do, including handing over all my money? that was the last thing i wanted to get involved with, especially since i didn't have much money to hand over to anyone anyway.

fast forward to about a month ago. while riding my bike to a yoga class, i noticed a new sign on a building just up the street from the beach. it read: Yoga and Healing. could it be that there was yet ANOTHER new yoga studio in town? curious as to whom the person was behind this new venture, i pulled over and stuck my head in the door. there were some flyers on a table, so i picked one up, took a quick peek at it, and realized that i was standing in the doorway of a new dahn yoga studio. i was tempted to hang around and wait for someone to show up so i could ask him/her about their program, but at the same time, i was glad that no one was there to sweet-talk me into taking that intro class, because god only knows what would have happened after that...

once i got home, i scanned the flyer:

The quality of your life starts with self awareness

... ok, so far, we were on the same page...

Become a brain artist - Did you know that while you are doing yoga to develop your body, you are also developing your brain?

oh really -- how?

Our style of training called Dahn yoga, aims at developing the full potential of the brain through using the Brain Education System. With greater awareness of the brain-body connection, you will be able to develop a mastership of your thoughts and emotions which support your power to create anything you want with your life.

Brain Wave Vibration is the simplest form of Brain Education, and it focuses on the brain stem. The brain stem is critical to your health because it is the area of your brain that controls breathing, heart rate, stress response and all the other many automatic functions of the body.

By stimulating the brain stem using gentle vibration throughout your body you will release any bodily tension and bring your mind toward a calm meditative state. This will bring feelings of renewed energy and youthful vitality.

this definitely didn't sound like any kind of yoga i'd ever done before. instead of working with the body to improve mental focus and maybe indirectly improve the health of my brain, it sounded like they wanted to work directly with my brain to control the functions of my body.

hmmm... truthfully, if anyone's going to mess with my brain, i'd first want to see his/her medical license. and a bunch of glowing references from people i trust.

needless to say, i never went back.

then just the other day, i received this email from someone at WE tv (formerly the Women's Entertainment channel):

Just wanted to let you know about an interesting discussion of cults on WE tv's upcoming "Secret Lives of Women – Cults” episode on Tuesday, September 1 at 10 PM ET/PT.

This episode profiles four women who have been affected by cults. From a mother who has lost her daughter to a young woman trying to rebuild her life after losing everything to a controlling yoga organization, viewers get taken inside cult life.

This particular clip profiles Amy who’s trying to get back to real life after dedicating her time and passions to the cult of Dahn Yoga -- Cults: Cult Rehab

perfect timing, don't you think?

in fact, this is the same amy who was featured in a recent forbes magazine article, Dahn Yoga: Body, Brain and Wallet:

... Shipley, now 25, is one of 27 former Dahn practitioners who filed suit in Arizona in May claiming the group subjected them to psychological manipulation and fraudulently induced them to spend thousands of dollars on Dahn yoga classes and retreats in Sedona, Ariz. and other places. The punishing techniques, they say, included forced isolation from friends and families, exercises like bowing 3,000 times all night long without breaks, disciplining members by sticking their heads in the toilet and making them lick other members' feet, and having them hold certain poses, like the push-up position, for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. On top of those charges, the suit alleges that Ilchi Lee, the 57-year-old Korean founder of Dahn and its spiritual leader, sexually preyed on young female disciples...

The explosive charges threaten what appears to be a highly lucrative enterprise. The charismatic Ilchi Lee (born Seung Heun Lee) founded the parent company, Dahn World, in 1985 in Seoul. Dahn ("energy" in Korean) is derived from an ancient Korean form of training that aims to maximize the health of body, mind and spirit through a combination of yoga, tai chi and martial arts.

so now that i'm REALLY curious about this whole issue, i'm going to make sure i rush home after yoga class tomorrow so i can catch the entire episode! you might want to do the same; please feel free to post comments here after you watch it...

Monday, August 24, 2009

yes, i'm still here!

it's been exactly three weeks since i've posted anything. and it's not because i've been sitting idle, twiddling my thumbs, thinking of something to say. on the contrary, i've been so busy that i haven't had time to just sit and write about what i've been so busy doing!

while i've been continuing to update my list of recession-busting yoga classes in town (and if you haven't looked at that recently, click here to see the latest version), all i've managed to crank out are rough drafts of posts i've been meaning to finish. like the second half of my attempt to save money during the month of july while maintaining an almost-daily yoga practice (and since the first half is almost ancient history by now, you can click here to refresh your memory). or how practicing at yogaglo has put a whole new spin on my practice (which you'll read about soon, i hope). or my recounting of the craziness of the hot dog death march last june. or my visit to the new yogi tree yoga studio back last may (which, of course, will no longer be new by the time i get around to posting that story!).

as i look around my room, i see stacks of CDs and books, piles of paper, and gobs of freebies strewn about. just to give you an idea of how busy my life has been just in the past few weeks, i'm going to randomly pick up items and talk about how i ended up with them...

CD - jesca hoop, kismet

i got this from the freebie basket at the recent KCRW pledge drive. one of the perks of being a volunteer at the drive, besides having an endless supply of food to keep us busy during the slow times, is being able to pick a CD from the freebie bin. i never know what i'll find; sometimes it's a CD that i've been dying to have, and sometimes it's a CD from a group i've never heard from before. either way, it's a great way to get my hands on some new music :)

CD - venice, home grown

this came from last thursday's twilight dance series concert on the santa monica pier. luckily for me, i had somehow managed to finagle an invite to the VIP tent. so while i was noshing on a salad near the stage while the bands were swapping out, i caught sight of the bass guitar player. and i realized that he was mark harris, a friend of mine from my running group! what a small world! i gave him a quick hug and confessed that i had totally forgotten that he told me years ago about how he played with this venice-based band (hence the group name). so not only did i hang around long enough to listen to their entire set, but i also made it a point to buy one of their CDs. hoping maybe that it'll keep reminding me of which group he plays with!

CD - the noisettes, never forget you (single)

this was given to me when i checked in at a recent yoga on the pier class with yoga teachers lori rischer and joan hyman. it was on one of those crazy saturday mornings when i went for a quick run in santa monica with the LA leggers, ran down to the pier for the FREE yoga class sponsored by STAR 98.7, biked over to venice to try out the food at the bool BBQ food truck, then barely had enough time to rest and shower before heading out to volunteer at a fundraiser at yogaglo for off the mat, into the world and the new documentary the cove, which talks about the slaughter of dolphins in japan. so now do you have an idea of how busy my days can get?

CD - dave stringer, japa

i know i got this as a freebie from an event i attended; the scary thing is that i can't remember which event it was! all i know is that i have to get dave to autograph this the next time i see him. which will probably be at the 3-day bhaktifest next month on september 11th thru 13th in joshua tree... where not only dave but almost everyone who's anyone in the kirtan world will be performing -- jai uttal, wade imre morissette, shyamdas, wah!, mc yogi, donna de lory, govindas & radha, temple bhajan band, larisa stow & shakti tribe, girish, gaura vani & as kindred spirits, sean johnson & the wild lotus band, and more -- and where i'll be volunteering (but of course!). speaking of bhaktifest, there have been a number of pre-bhaktifest kirtans held around town that have spotlighted various bhaktifest performers (and yes, i think i've been to all of them); the last one will be held at narayan mandir, 1668 rising glen road in the hollywood hills next sunday and will feature gaura vani and the kindred spirits, the temple bhajan band, wah!, and govindas & radha. you know you want to be there...

book - enlightenment for idiots by anne cushman

anne's publisher sent me this book after i agreed to review it. and while i still haven't gotten around to writing that review (sorry, anne!), i have to say that i loved it! unlike eat, pray, love where the author wrote about traveling from country to country in search of herself, enlightenment for idiots has the main character, amanda, traveling around india in search of sources of enlightenment for a book she was hired to write. all i can say is that it's a quick and fun read; if you get your hands on it now, you'll probably finish it before i get around to writing my review :)

book - bhagavad gita, as it is by a.c. bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada

this was given to me at the recent festival of chariots, a joyous procession of the hare krishna community down main street in santa monica, through the venice boardwalk, ending at an all-day food and music festival on the beach. after pulling one of the chariots the entire length of the parade, i had stopped at the book center to see what they had; next thing i knew, some nice guy was handing me this book in exchange for a small donation. i thought it was a great deal, considering that it's been on my must-read list for a long time now. i also stopped at the boutique, where they had all kinds of merchandise on sale, including a couple of scarves that i ended up putting to good use later in the day when i had to protect my head and shoulders from the intense sunshine while listening to a kirtan with jai uttal, gaura vani, and the mayapuris. i just love how all this is so accessible to us yogis here in LA!

book - saltwater buddha, a surfers quest to find zen on the sea by jaimal yogis

i picked up this book just yesterday at a book-signing event in malibu. i had wanted to meet jaimal for a long time now; he had written to me back in february, asking if i'd be willing to review his new book. all he could send me at the time was a .pdf copy, so i glanced through it, liked what i read, and said that i would as soon as i got my hands on an actual copy (only because i like to thumb through the pages rather than scroll down through them). well, not only was i able to get a copy, but i was able to meet jaimal, listen to the tail end of his bookreading session at the diesel book store (i got stuck in traffic on PCH getting there), and was treated to some sweet music by the up-and-coming garage band (and friends of his), nine pound shadow.

gift basket containing health and beauty treats, courtesy of whole foods market

i won this at a raffle at a recent networking event in west hollywood. organized by kris willey, the women of the green generation is a group of professional women who are actively involved in the green movement. at the networking events scheduled once a month, they all get together to share their latest ideas, projects, and business leads. at this particular event, i managed to chat with many interesting women, including kelly layne from whole foods santa monica, val bisharat from clif bar, felicia tomasko from LA yoga magazine, kayoko mitsumatsu from yoga gives back, and khatija dadabhoy from ghalia organic desserts (who provided some of the treats that evening). i was extended an invite when i ran into kris a few days earlier at a yogi lunch at govinda's vegetarian buffet at the hare krishna temple in culver city; i knew kris from her stints as the coconut bliss ice cream scooper at various events around town. in fact, i just saw her again yesterday at the co-opportunity block party yesterday...

goodie bag from the la leggers

the 2009-2010 season of the la legger marathon training group started in late july. when the season started, we weren't quite exactly sure which marathon we were training for, especially since the plans of the LA marathon were still up in the air. no one knew when it would be held (it was historically run on a sunday in march but was moved to memorial day in 2009 for political reasons) or even where it would be run (the organizers were trying to push for a new course that would end in santa monica). anyway, long story short, with the support of all the runners who showed up at numerous city council meetings, we finally have a definite training goal -- a stadium-to-the-sea marathon (that is, dodger stadium to the pacific ocean) that will be held on sunday, march 21st. yay! although i just heard this weekend that the entry fee will be raised to a whopping $125 for the upcoming race, with no early bird discounts. and NO bike tour. boo!

flyer from coolhaus ice cream truck

if you live in LA, you've probably heard about the buzz about the latest craze to hit the streets: food trucks! i suppose you could say they were there all along; many of us fondly remember eating grease-laden breakfast burritos off those lunchtime roach coaches. but ever since the kogi truck came on the scene with its korean tacos and twitter updates, food trucks suddenly replaced four-star restaurants as THE place to eat. and honestly, with everyone scrambling to find their next job (or to keep their current one), it makes perfect sense to spend less on gourmet meals and valet parking and more on reasonably-priced good food to stay within a tight budget. as for me, it's become an obsession of sorts to find and try out each and every one of these trucks. so far, i've had tofu tacos at kogibbq, the mother trucker veggie burger at green truck, all kinds of wonderful ice cream sandwich delights at coolhaus, a ceviche at border grill truck, a torakku tofu patty at marked5, a variety of syrups and toppings on shaved ice at getshaved, temari and sushi rolls at fishlips, grilled shrimp tacos at calbibbq, a chicken pastel at bool bbq, a chocolate-dipped soft serve cone at king kone, a loco moco plate at chef on wheels bbq, a masala dosa at dosa truck, shrimp chow fun at don chow tacos, a beef bbq slider at barbiesq, a paneer frankie at india jones, a chicken teriyaki bowl at skewers on wheels, a chicken bbq sandwich at LA BBQ guy, and a lemongrass tofu bahn mi at nom nom. and i managed to bike to 15 of those 18 food truck visits! did i happen to mention that i was obsessed?

flyers for two upcoming art shows: joyride at the bicycle film festival and without a car in the world at the 18th street arts center

these were just two of the items i received in the goodie bag at last saturday's tour da arts. sponsored by the santa monica museum of art and C.I.C.L.E. (cyclists inciting change through live exchange), this 9-mile bike ride had us stopping at various art venues around town. starting with a flag-making activity at the museum itself, the course brought us to an african drumming and dancing performance with francis awe at the broad stage, a chance to practice our swing dancing skills (or lack thereof) with the big cats swing band at the miles memorial playhouse, and a number of art exhibits at the 18th street arts center. i spent most of the time riding with kelly from whole foods and val from clif bar (also from the green women networking event), who both had generously provided snacks for the riders at every stop. you can clearly tell the kind of people i like to hang around with!

nianna bray's summer yoga schedule

nianna was one of the teachers assisting aaron reed at his summer beach yoga series in venice. there was a big turnout for the last class of the series last wednesday. as usual, we got to frolic in the sand and the water. sadly, the early-setting sun and the cool evening temperature was a reminder that the summer is quickly coming to an end. sigh... regardless, beach yoga will continue in santa monica on the sand at marine street with brad keimach on saturday and sunday mornings at 10:30am. in the meantime, i need to check out nianna bray's yoga in the park classes (also in santa monica at palisades park at alta) on mondays at 2pm and fridays at noon to see if i should add it to the list of affordable yoga classes on my yoga on a budget link.

a class schedule for yogaco in santa monica

there's a slew of donation-based yoga studios that have been popping up recently around the third street promenade in santa monica: bhakti yoga shala, which opened in june, then yogaco in august, and now yogis anonymous, which is scheduled to open in september. while each studio is run by yoga instructors who trace their teaching roots back to bryan kest's donation-based power yoga studio just down the street, they all have their distinct identity. govindas and radha's bhakti yoga shala is a warm and cozy space that provides not only classes in the physical yoga practice known to all, but also holds weekly kirtans to draw in the community to the bhakti practice as well. tamal dodge's yogaco presents itself as the affordable version of the boutique yoga studio, with an inviting reception area, two large yoga classrooms, a small classroom for private lessons, a retail store, and separate his and hers restrooms. and while i haven't been able to check out ally hamilton's still-to-be-opened studio, all i know is that it will feature an eclectic mix of yoga teachers, including annmarie solo, dave romanelli, brock cahill, jorgen christiansson, felicia tomasko, and many more.

poster for the global mala yoga for peace event

in addition to volunteering at the bhaktifest and every other yoga event that comes to LA (or so it seems), i'm volunteering to help publicize the yogamonth event which will be held on september 20th (yes, the week after bhaktifest!) at the HAX hangar in hawthorne off the 105 freeway (not far from LAX). this FREE yoga health festival will feature yoga classes, musical performances, wellness exhibits, and family fun throughout the day, with the highlight being the 108 sun salutations led by mariel hemingway, sara ivanhoe, saul david raye, krishna kaur, beth shaw, hemalayaa, hala khouri, kia miller, and more. proceeds will go towards funding yoga health education in schools. my bike basket is full of flyers that i have to post and hand out as i ride around town; so if you want some, just let me know!

welcome to my busy schedule... all i can say is -- so much done, so much to look forward to!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

another way to save on yoga classes!

if you're a true angeleno, you probably know all about our gem of a radio station, KCRW. and if you're a loyal KCRW supporter, you probably have in your possession their fringe benefits card. which means that you probably know that you can use it to save money on yoga classes at studios around town!

if everything i've said so far sounds totally greek to you, i guess i should start from the beginning...

KCRW is our local NPR station, a fantastic source for music and news that can be found at 89.9FM on your radio dial and at www.kcrw.com.

since it's a non-commercial community-supported station, it relies on subscribers like me (and hopefully you, too) who donate money to keep the station afloat. and in exchange for our financial support, KCRW shows their gratitude in the form of their fringe benefits card, a discount card that is honored at many restaurant, stores, and cultural venues around the southland. with the card, you can also avail yourself of some pretty good discounts at many yoga and fitness studios around town. and if you add up the money you could be saving in a year, you might find that it far exceeds the amount you'd be donating just to get the card!

the reason i'm bringing this up now is because the KCRW summer pledge drive will be held from friday, august 7th thru monday, august 17th. and not only will it be your chance to show your support for their programming, but all pledges made during this period are eligible for all kinds of premiums and sweepstakes entries. and getting more free stuff is just another way to save money, isn't it? :)

here's the list of LA and OC yoga studio discounts i pulled from their website -- so subscribe to KCRW, get the card, and start saving!

Angel City Yoga
20% off individual classes & group packages; excludes private lessons, workshops & retail
12408 Ventura Blvd, STUDIO CITY 91604
(818) 788-9642

Beyond Physical Therapy
20% off yoga & Pilates individual sessions & packages; 20% off massage services; excludes acupuncture & physical therapy
2903 W Washington Blvd, MARINA DEL REY 90292
(310) 578-5960

Bikram Yoga Downtown Fullerton
20% off individual classes, excludes series; 10% off yoga clothing & accessories
120 W Wilshire Ave Studio B, FULLERTON 92832
(714) 525-5363

Bikram Yoga Studio City
15% off single classes; excludes series
11239 Ventura Blvd, STUDIO CITY 91604
(818) 752-4325

Black Dog Yoga
20% off individual classes, excludes series
4454 Van Nuys Blvd, SHERMAN OAKS 91403
(818) 380-0331

City Yoga
15% off individual classes, excludes series
1067 N Fairfax Ave, LOS ANGELES 90046
(323) 654-2125

Creative Chakra Spa
15% off oceanside spa services, yoga & Pilates; 10% off aromatherapy, jewelry, Roxy clothing & vitamins; discount also valid online, use code CCSPA
3401 Pacific Ave Ste 2A & 2B, MARINA DEL REY 90292
(310) 823-9378

Dancing Shiva Yoga & Ayurveda
15% off individual classes; 10% off 5, 10 & 15 class series; 10% off Ayurvedic body work
7466 Beverly Blvd, LOS ANGELES 90036
(323) 934-VEDA

Exhale Center for Sacred Movement
15% off individual classes & class series packages
1422 2nd St, SANTA MONICA 90405
(310) 899-6222
245 S Main St, VENICE 90291
(310) 450-7676

Goda Yoga
15% off Hatha Yoga classes & series; excludes intro offer
9711 Washington Blvd, CULVER CITY 90232
(310) 287-1255

Golden Bridge Yoga
15% off individual classes, 5-class passes & workshops; excludes cafe & wellness center & spa
6322 De Longpre Ave, LOS ANGELES 90028
(323) 936-4172

Heartbeat House
20% off dance & workout classes & series
3141 Glendale Blvd, LOS ANGELES 90039
(323) 669-2821

Home Simply Yoga
15% off single classes; 10% off class packages & retail
1547 6th St Ste 102, SANTA MONICA 90401
(310) 899-1930

Hot Yoga Valencia
25% off individual classes, 10% off series
25330 Diamond Pl Ste 110, AGUA DULCE 91350
(661) 257-9955

Hub, The
15% off yoga, breathwork & meditation sessions
2001 S Barrington Ave Ste 150, LOS ANGELES 90025
(310) 575-4200

In Focus Wellness
15% off single classes
717 Broadway Ave, SANTA MONICA 90401
(310) 576-2008

Karuna Yoga
15% off individual classes; 10% off 5-class series; excludes other series
1939 1/2 Hillhurst Ave, LOS ANGELES 90027
(323) 665-6242

Liberation Yoga
20% off individual classes & series
124 S La Brea Ave, LOS ANGELES 90036
(323) 964-5222

LYFE Yoga Center
15% off single class, 5, 10 or 20 class series, clothing, accessories & eco-friendly products
1310 Pacific Coast Hwy, HERMOSA BEACH 90254
(310) 374-5933

Maha Yoga
15% off individual classes; 10% off series of five classes; excludes other series
13050 San Vicente Blvd, BRENTWOOD 90049
(310) 899-0047

Rising Lotus Yoga
15% off single classes; excludes series
13557 Ventura Blvd, SHERMAN OAKS 91423
(818) 990-0282

Santa Monica Yoga
$2 off single class price; 10% off passes for 5, 10, 15 or 20 classes
1640 Ocean Park Blvd, SANTA MONICA 90405
(310) 396-4040

Still Yoga
20% off individual classes; excludes series
2395 Glendale Blvd Unit E, LOS ANGELES 90039
(323) 906-8960

Studio Surya Yoga
20% off individual classes
1501 Main St #106, VENICE 90291
(310) 910-4740

Studio U
20% off individual classes; 10% off class packages; excludes unlimited packages
1027 Abbot Kinney Blvd, VENICE 90291
(310) 452-1717

TruYoga LA
15% off individual classes; 10% off packages & retail
2425 Colorado Ave, Yahoo Ctr, SANTA MONICA 90404
(310) 829-2420

YAS - Costa Mesa
20% off single spinning & yoga classes; 10% off class packages; excludes unlimited packages
291 E 17th St, COSTA MESA 92627
(949) 515-8888

YAS - Silverlake
15% off single spinning & yoga classes; 10% off class packages; excludes unlimited packages
1932 Hyperion Ave, LOS ANGELES 90027
(323) 913-1991

YAS - Venice
20% off single spinning & yoga classes; 10% off class packages; excludes unlimited packages
1101 Abbot Kinney Blvd, VENICE 90291
(310) 396-6993

Yoga Blend
15% off classes & class series packages for all levels
1921 W Magnolia Blvd, BURBANK 91506
(818) 954-9642

Yoga Center, The
20% off individual classes; 15% off series of 3 private sessions
1848 S Elena Ave, REDONDO BEACH 90277
(310) 375-6722

Yoga Shakti
$3 off single classes; 10% off any class series
19142 Beach Blvd Ste FF, HUNTINGTON BEACH 92648
(714) 968-9093
4249 Campus Dr Ste B140, IRVINE 92612
(949) 856-9642

Yoga Works
20% off individual classes; excludes series
15327 Sunset Blvd, PACIFIC PALISADES 90272
(310) 454-7000
230 1/2 Larchmont Blvd, LOS ANGELES 90004
(323) 464-1276
1426 Montana Ave, SANTA MONICA 90403
(310) 393-5150
2215 Main St, SANTA MONICA 90405
(310) 581-2952
1256 Westwood Blvd, WESTWOOD 90024
(310) 234-1200

Yoga World Studios
15% off retail; single classes & class packages; excludes unlimited packages
250 W Ocean Blvd, LONG BEACH 90802
(562) 804-5525

Yummy Yoga
15% off single, 5 & 10 class packages
1717 Hillhurst Ave, LOS ANGELES 90026
(323) 953-8449

Sunday, August 02, 2009

keep your teens fit and healthy

the summer seems to be flying by... it's already august, which means your kids are probably trying to have as much fun as they can before their days are filled with homework and tests and science projects...

karen jashinsky and the others behind O2 max, a fitness club for teens located in santa monica, are going to be holding their second annual tour de fitness, a fun (and FREE!) event that will have participants walking, stretching, and even doing some yoga while learning how to incorporate healthier habits into their lives. this year's event will be held on saturday, august 15th starting at 8:30am.

i joined them briefly last year while they were checking out the food aisles of the local whole foods market; this year, i plan to meet them at the start of the tour as they take a brief yoga class with shana meyerson at the lululemon store in santa monica. it should be an interesting experience for me, especially since most of the people in class will be even younger than my own kids!

here's a brief description of the tour de fitness 2009; keep checking the O2 max website for updated route information:

Come join us for the second annual Tour de Fitness (TDF). TDF is a free all day fitness event where youth and their families can learn about the importance of fitness, exercise, and nutrition. TDF was created to raise awareness about the youth obesity crisis. Childhood obesity is a health epidemic that demands action today. One in three American children will develop Type 2 Diabetes in their lifetime. One in three kids today are considered overweight with an estimated $177 billion in annual sales spent trying to reverse this serious health trend.

TDF will take place throughout the scenic city of Santa Monica. Participants will walk, run, and hike through Santa Monica while taking stops to refuel, learning about healthy eating habits, and discovering fun and exciting methods of exercise. Of course, meeting fellow participants in this bonding exercise doesn’t hurt either.


This event is FREE, family friendly and lots of fun. The first 100 people to register will receive free gifts and a 6 month membership to the O2 MAX Family Fitness Program.