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Monday, March 10, 2014

day 10 - just your typical day at the office

i'm convinced that lack of sleep causes weight gain.

i hopped on the scale this morning and found, to my horror, that i had GAINED half a pound! how that happened -- considering how i hardly ate the day before -- i have no clue, but i'm sure it has something to do with water retention or something.


anyway, i was back to the usual cleanse schedule with the detox drink, the tonics, the supplements, the meals. nothing too out of the ordinary, which is why all i'm going to do is post the photo i took before the late night yoga class i took with dan ward at power yoga west. (i was so busy trying to get dan in the frame that i didn't notice the yogini setting up her mat in the foreground. my apologies.)

the class was so scrumptious that i fell asleep right after i had dinner, totally forgetting to take my end-of-the-day colon tonic. i somehow woke up many hours later, took the missing dose, then went back to sleep.


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today's yoga class: a power yoga class with dan ward at power yoga west

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