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Saturday, March 08, 2014

day 8 - one crazy weekend, part 1

unlike weekdays, where i know exactly where i'll be and what i'll be doing and at what time, my weekends are usually pretty spontaneous. which makes it really hard to follow a cleanse with a set feeding schedule, and even harder to bring along bottles of tonics and bags of powders that have to be mixed into drinks and consumed an hour before those meals that are hard to plan for.

such was this weekend, where i barely made it to yogaglo in time for tara judelle's 10am yoga class, then had to dash to norwalk for the holi festival of colors at 1pm, then made a pit stop at home to catch some rest before heading out to bhakti yoga shala for kirtan with jai uttal at 9pm. i'd just have to wing the what/when/where of my meals for the day and hope that i'd be able to eat/drink everything i was supposed to and none of what i wasn't.

i knew that the food at the holi festival was going to be vegetarian, at a minimum, so i planned on lunching on some veggies and rice, and maybe even some dal. but nooo... the line at the krishna's kitchen booth was way too long (and i was way past hungry), so i chose to go to the govinda's booth instead. with my only choices being pizza or a vegan enchilada and beans plate, i had to go with the latter, even if i had a feeling that something in it was probably something i shouldn't have eaten. like the tortilla used to make the enchilada, for example. but i was starving, dammit, and i just had to eat SOMETHING. at least it was closer to what i needed to eat than a cupcake from the cupcake truck (which had a much shorter line, i should add).

i spent the rest of my time at the festival either behind the stage, schmoozing with the musicians, on the stage, taking photos of the bands and the crowd, or roaming the grounds, checking out the vendor booths for good deals on merch. the music was high-spirited and the audience was loving it all, especially when it came time to throw the colored powder up in the air! i managed to catch lokah bhakti dance, larisa stow & shakti tribe, DJ drez, and the kirtaniyas perform; i was a bit bummed that i had to leave before the headliner, MC yogi, took the stage.

on my way out, the line at krishna's kitchen had shortened considerably, so i ordered a plate with veg curry, rice, and a samosa and took it home for dinner.

and no, i didn't eat the fried dough covering the samosa. i ate just the peas and potato filling, which was just as well because i was stuffed by the time i was done.

once i was fed, showered (to wash off all the colored powder), and rested, i hopped on my bike and headed  to the kirtan with jai uttal. which should've ended my night, but no, there was more to come...

* * * * * * * *

today's yoga class: a level 2/3 backbend practice with tara judelle at yogaglo

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