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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

day 5 - it's wednesday, and you know what that means...

... it's yoga chat time!

for those of you who've been following my twitter feed, you probably know by now that i have a radio show called yoga chat with the accidental yogist which airs every wednesday at 1pm pacific on killradio.org. i've been hosting and producing it for almost three years now, and it's been a really fun experience. on the show, i get to interview guests of all backgrounds about whatever it is that they do best. or like to talk about best. i also play music from the wide assortment of kirtan and conscious music performers i come into contact with here in town as well as around the world.

this week, i invited nykki hardin, the founder of the reset self cleanse i'm going through, so she could talk about her background, how she came up with the cleanse, and why it's one of the better designed cleanses on the market today. or at least that's my opinion, which is why i'm doing it in the first place.

i also invited michelle lindner, the co-founder of the run + yoga = roga series on the santa monica pier, and caru das, the temple priest of the krishna temple in spanish fork, utah and the producer of festival of colors USA. you can listen to their interviews on the podcast here:

yoga chat episode 142 - pushing the reset button

note that nykki offered a $50 discount on the cost of her cleanse to show listeners, so take advantage of it if the specifics of the cleanse speak to you. the code to use is JONI. yup, that's me!

the show went swimmingly well, except for a predicted, but unavoidable, phone battery problem that only the live listeners knew about. i edited it out of the podcast, so if there are small transitional changes that are noticeable, you know why.

anyway, since i usually spend most of the morning before the show researching the interviews and the music and all the little details that go into the making of the show, not only did i skip breakfast, but i also missed my first liver tonic dose. tsk tsk. i did drink half of a bottle of kombucha on my way to the studio, so i essentially took my end of the day serving of probiotic at the start of my day. and i lived to tell about it :)

after the show, i stopped at a mediterranean place near the killradio studio, hoping that they had at least one item on the menu that was vegan and not fried -- which meant no falafel. drats. as far as i know, stuffed grape leaves are usually vegan, so after they had proven to me that there was no animal product in it, i bought a side order with some hummus and proceeded to eat it with gusto after first downing the liver tonic dose i'd missed.

there i go again, doing things at the wrong time.

finally, after an interview i had to do for an article i'm writing for LA yoga magazine plus a yoga class, i was on my way home. and HUNGRY. i began mulling about my dinner choices while i drove. the co-op, again? veggie grill, again? whole paycheck, again? what i needed was an inexpensive place that sold vegan food. indian food would work, wouldn't it? i considered govinda's, the restaurant at the culver city krishna temple, but they'd be closed by the time i got there. i ended up at india's sweets and spices around the corner from the temple, and they had exactly what i was craving: baingan bharta (eggplant), squash, brown rice, and a couple of papadums (which they swore was just lentils and no flour). it was hard to pass on the samosas and pakoras, but knowing that there's just a little over a week to go made the pain a little more tolerable.

by the time i finished editing and uploading today's podcast, i was all caught up with my meals, my tonics, and my supplements. not in the correct order, mind you, but at least i got them in.

tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

* * * * * * * *

today's yoga class: a power yoga class with liz espersen at hollywood power yoga

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