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Sunday, March 02, 2014

day 2 - it's all in the timing

it takes time for something to become a habit. according to this article from the today show, it takes 66 days, or a little over two months.

so i'm cutting myself some slack for totally forgetting when i was supposed to take the herbal tonics which are the key components of the reset self cleanse i started the other day. after all, today is the first day i was supposed to take those tonics: one to cleanse the liver, the other to cleanse the colon.

nykki gave me a meal and supplement schedule that i was supposed to follow. not to the letter, i hope, because i failed miserably on this first official day of the cleanse portion of the program.

it didn't help that i woke up after i was supposed to eat breakfast. i'm not an early riser; what can i say.

and i really didn't have time to eat that delayed breakfast because right after i woke up, i felt compelled to take a yoga class... and because i remembered that i had still some class credits from a package i'd bought at maha yoga late last year (see what happens when you cut sugar out of your diet? your memory comes back!), there was a class that i could catch if i jumped in the shower at that very moment and hopped on my bike for the 2 mile ride to the studio.

as i was about to head out the door, i realized that not only would i be skipping breakfast, but i'd also be skipping my first dose of the liver tonic. and my vitamin/mineral supplement. argh. i turned back around and headed to the kitchen to gulp both down, then ran out. or rather, biked out.

once back home, my planned breakfast (an orange) and lunch (a salad) were combined with the scheduled chlorella supplement. finally caught up. whew.

a quick shower, then some time spent in front of the computer... and next thing i knew, i had to drop what i was doing and head to the typhoon haiyan fundraiser i was supposed to be at in an hour. and as we know, when rain is thrown into the forecast here in LA, anything can happen, traffic-wise. it was only when i was sitting at a standstill on the 10 freeway that i'd realized i'd left my liver tonic at home (my next dose was due during the fundraiser). although i did bring along the probiotic (as in kombucha) i was supposed to drink after dinner. i'm sure you know where this is going.

anyway, long story short, there was food at the fundraiser. filipino food. which contained sugar, sugar, and more sugar. and there were chocolate peanut butter cups, too. CHOCOLATE!!!

self control. i prayed for self control.

i deserve an award for eating nothing but fresh fruit and the crudites. and pretending that i didn't see the chocolate. yay me!

now it's time to catch up on the liver tonic, dinner, the colon tonic, and my evening probiotic. oh wait. i already drank that.

there's a chance i might finally get the hang of this just in time for the cleanse to be over.

* * * * * * * *

today's yoga class: level 2/3 with tom morley at maha yoga, prana flow with natalie macam and amy valdez at the typhoon haiyan fundraiser

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