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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

saving the earth, one bus ride at a time

by now, most of my friends are used to seeing me travel around town with my green electra townie bicycle (and no, despite what the name implies, it's NOT an electric bike!). the two of us are usually spotted at yoga studios, food trucks, and community events, as well as on the streets on the westside. i'm even getting better at quickly identifying friends' voices that call out to me from moving vehicles! cycling is a great way for me to get around; not only am i saving money on gas and parking but i'm also burning off a lot of the calories from the food i ingest at all those food trucks :)

for longer commutes, i catch a ride on the big blue and MTA buses, then sit back and relax while the driver navigates through the insane LA traffic. and sometimes for fun, i bring along my bike so i can go explore the city once i reach my destination. yes, there have been times when i've had to wave a bus past when both bike racks were already taken (which can make taking a bike on a bus somewhat stressful) but as long as i avoid peak hours, i'm usually ok.

of course, LA being the sprawling city that it is, going by bike or by bus isn't always the most convenient way for me to get around. like the times i have to travel to the valley or to the south bay to check out yoga studios. or the times i'm out late and getting home other than by car would be unsafe or unreasonably tedious. one such example would be the evenings i attend performances at the disney concert hall in downtown. while i can get there with minimal fuss during the day via the big blue #10 bus, an equally easy return is impossible; the last bus home leaves downtown at 8pm, right around the time the concert starts. so the only way home is via the MTA #4, which makes stops at almost every other intersection along sunset and santa monica boulevards (and if you know LA, you know that's more stops than any person would willingly want to put themselves through). so in those cases, i drive my car. and pay for the gas. and the $9 parking :(

so when i heard about the 3rd annual car-free earth day celebration in the mid-wilshire area that was held last week, i immediately clicked the "attending" button on its facebook invite. and to tie-in with the earth day event, the LA county bike coalition (LACBC) organized a fun bike ride that would travel from macarthur park to the festival. so i clicked "attending" on that, too.

it sounded like a fun and eco-friendly way to spend earth day. and the more i thought about it, the more i realized how many other things there were that i could do while i was out that way. like maybe take a yoga class in downtown. or maybe even eat at a food truck that was parked nearby. i'd be car-free AND have a great time, too!

then fate (or was it ganesha?) started throwing a bunch of hurdles my way...

like when i remembered that i had tickets to a performance of the LA philharmonic at the disney concert hall that night. and it was a not-to-be-missed show, featuring gustavo dudamel on the podium and jean-yves thibaudet on piano. hmmm... did i dare brave the late-night slow bus home?

then i found out that the forecast was for a chance of rain that day. so did i really want to ride in the rain and risk getting drenched? or worse yet, did i want to risk not being able to get my bike on a bus because every other cyclist would be trying to take cover, too?

i considered scrapping the bus/bike plan altogether and taking my car instead. but wait, wasn't the original intent to NOT drive at all on earth day??? argh. i eventually found myself having to make up my mind -- should i stay home or should i go as i'd planned?

long story short, my bike stayed home. and so did my car. instead, it was just me and my bus pass that went on a grand adventure that day.

i skipped the pre-festival bike ride (a no-brainer since i wasn't going to bring my bike), which allowed me to spend a lazy morning at home (yay!). so right around lunchtime, i walked to the bus stop and hopped on the eastbound bus in search of something to eat.

first stop: wilshire/fairfax, aka the miracle mile area. i quickly scoped out the array of food trucks that were parked on the stretch between curson and masselin. i ended up picking up a pair of tofu spring rolls from lisa at the phamish vietnamese truck, a chocolate chip pastry from the crew at the canter's deli truck, and a small plate of coconut-lime shrimp and rice from rico and richard at the shrimp guys truck. i ate one spring roll, finished off the order of shrimp, and put the rest of the food in my backpack. if i wanted to make it to the earth day celebration, i had to keep moving...

second stop: wilshire/western. by the time i got off the bus, it was 2:30pm and the festival was winding down to a close. naked rhythm, the headliner, was playing on stage, the farmers market vendors were offering their wares at reduced prices, and all that was left of the LACBC booth were volunteers aurisha and erica packing away the last of their promotional materials. while chatting with them, i realized that i had nothing to do until i needed to be at the concert hall later that evening. i asked them if they could use some help at the LACBC office. one quick phone call later, aurisha said that they'd be expecting me whenever i got there. perfect! i checked out the remaining vendor booths, said hello to the naked rhythm musicians after their set ended, then headed back to the bus stop.

third stop: broadway/6th. from the bus stop, i walked over to the LACBC office on spring street in downtown. my assignment was fairly simple; all i had to do was enter names and email addresses from sign-up sheets into the mailing list database. it was a win-win for everyone -- they got a task checked off their list, i earned myself a brownie point or two, and i was able to stay warm indoors and have access to a clean bathroom! i know, i have flashes of brilliance every now and then :)

fourth stop: grand/2nd. rather than wait for the bus, i walked half a mile up the hill to the disney concert hall. the sun managed to peek out from behind the clouds to warm things up, so i sat outside and made a couple of phone calls as i dined on my leftover spring roll and half of the chocolate chip pastry. with less than an hour to go before curtain time, i went inside and handed my ticket to the usher. he took one look at my backpack and told me i had to check it in. never mind that it was smaller than the tote bags some women carry with them; he said it was bulky and had a (reusable) glass bottle in it! heaven forbid i throw the bottle at someone while i'm seated high up in my nosebleed seat...

after being treated to music composed by carlos chavez, peter lieberson, and leonard bernstein, i made my way through the crush of people to get to the coat check counter. i had to wait my turn while the people ahead of me retrieved their belongings. once i had my backpack in hand, i dashed out and quickly walked the half mile towards the bus stop at the corner of temple and hill.

just as i was a mere block away from the stop, i saw the bus drive past. argh. i'd have to wait another 15 minutes. in the cold and dark night. by myself. if i didn't have to check in that backpack, i could've been on that bus!

as i got closer to the bus stop, i noticed a homeless man standing nearby. he was talking to himself and looked like he was busy in his own little world. he seemed harmless enough, so i kept going. just then, a man turned the corner and started walking towards me. you know, the stocky kind of guy dressed in dark clothing, with a dark knit cap and a heavy pack on his back...

so there i was. it was 10:30 at night. i was standing alone in a deserted section of downtown LA. and i realized that what i was doing would probably be considered foolish by most sane people. i immediately pulled out my phone and tried to call any friend who'd answer their phone.

no one did.

just then, an LAPD patrol car started making its way past where i was standing. i discreetly waved at the lone policeman in the driver's seat. he took one look at the man standing a few feet away from me, turned his car around, turned up his lights, then stepped out to ask the man a few questions and check his identification. once he was convinced that the man would be of no threat to me, he thanked the man, got back in his car, and smiled and waved to me as he drove away. whew! thanks officer!!

as if on cue, the bus pulled up. and just to assure me that he had nothing but good intentions, the man waited for me to board before he started walking towards the bus. at that point, i actually felt sorry for him; i'd wondered how many times he'd been questioned just because of the way he looked...

after a little more than an hour of watching all kinds of people get on and off the bus, i signalled for the driver to let me off at the next stop so i could walk the few blocks to my front doorstep.

final stop: home!! it was almost midnight, i was tired, and i'd had enough excitement for one day. that definitely was one earth day i won't forget any time soon!

postscript -- i have a ticket to one more performance at the disney concert hall this season. after my recent experience, i've decided that i'm going to continue to do what i've been doing all along, which is, unless i can carpool with someone, i'll be driving my car to downtown. and fighting the traffic. and paying for the gas. and for the parking. oh well, at least i can say i've tried...

by the way, despite my lugging an umbrella around in my backpack all day, it never rained.

Monday, April 26, 2010

riding through change with grace

last month, i posted a copy of an email kelly wood sent out about the impending closure of karuna yoga at the end of march. i later appended to it a follow-up email from her with the good news that the closing date was moved to the end of april. of course, the hope was that the extra month would give her enough time to find a new location...

unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case because i received this note today:

Karuna Yoga is Closing - May 2nd

Let's Celebrate!

We have had eight successful years together - growing, learning, breathing and being present to one another. It is my hope that each of us takes the practice of yoga and meditation into our lives and values the time spent on Hillhurst Avenue. Life is change. Change is the only constant. Because we practice yoga and meditation, we grow the skill to ride through change with grace.

I want to thank each person, with my whole heart, who has walked through the doors of Karuna and shared your heart with our community. I have grown so much as a person in these last eight years. I have had the honor of witnessing your growth within our time together. May you take the joy and discipline of yoga with you in your next steps of life.

Come in for classes this week. Please view our updated schedule.

Let's enjoy our last day in the studio on Sunday May 2nd (9:30am) with Kundalini Yoga.

Take a piece of Karuna with you!
Sacred Fire Sale
Saturday, May 1st
Everything is on sale!
Paintings, props, eye pillows, interior furniture, outdoor furniture, plants, planters, light fixtures, statues, fabric and much more!

Silverlake Yoga is graciously honoring active classes for those who have classes remaining. Please view their schedule online.

With respect and genuine appreciation,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

say cheese! :)

i don't know when it started, but when i was much younger, i didn't like getting my picture taken.

my front teeth were too big for my face and my hair was fine and stringy. i couldn't figure out how to smile naturally without showing my teeth. nor how to make my hair look bigger than it actually was. and when i got a perm to solve that problem, it just seemed to make things worse :(

which is why whenever my sisters unearth more old family pictures, i always seemed to be missing in action. and no, it wasn't because i was out socializing; i was actually very much a homebody back then. and the same thing was true while i was with my friends. i'd offer to take the pictures just so i had an excuse NOT to be in them.

thinking back, it's a good thing my dad wasn't into home movies, otherwise i probably would have spent most of my weekends hiding in a closet!

so who would have guessed that i'm the same person who finds her face plastered all over friends' facebook pages, on food truck websites, and in yoga studio videos? makes me wonder if aliens actually took over my body sometime between then and now...

the yoga video thing started back when yogaglo was in its infancy. i had first heard about derik and ryan mills' yoga video production biz through steven espinosa, who knew about my blog and my quest to find every yoga studio in LA. steven gave me derik's phone number and told me to give him a call. before i knew it, i was a regular attendee at the glo classes in santa monica (which happens to be conveniently located around the corner from where i live). it didn't matter if i was feeling fat and bloated, or if my muscles were still stiff from running a marathon. they needed students for their streamed classes and i needed an affordable source of yoga (honestly, you really can't beat $18 a month!). besides, the glo boys are the sweetest guys around -- not to mention the cutest -- so i was more than happy to be there for them, even if it meant having to end up with unflattering views of my rear end streamed to hundreds of homes around the world...

in fact, someone approached me recently after a class at yogaglo and said: "i think i know you... you're the joni who's in many of the yogaglo videos, aren't you? i keep hearing teachers calling you by name in class. but i didn't realize you were so tiny!" oh great. now everyone thinks i'm twenty pounds heavier than i actually am!

it took a while before i mustered up the courage to watch myself on video for the first time. and the more i watched, the more critical i became of myself. i saw how i leaned over to one side as i stood. and how i slouched while i sat in meditation. and how i'd raise one leg straight out but the other off to the side. and it's like i could finally SEE what all my teachers had been trying to point out to me... this video yoga class thing was turning out to be the best alignment aid ever invented! in fact, one teacher had actually commented that my form was so much better than the last time i'd taken her class -- granted, i go for long periods between classes with most teachers, so, mind you, this didn't happen overnight :)

recently, other yoga studios have decided to put their classes on video to make them available to students who live outside the yoga mecca known as los angeles. yogis anonymous has livestreamed at least a handful of classes -- click here for YA's video classes -- and i've been in two of them so far. if you can't seem to find me, it's a me-not-you thing; i arrived late both times and stayed out of camera range just so people didn't catch me walking in late. oops.

after a test video run two weeks ago, bryan kest aired his first live power yoga class earlier this afternoon. and yes, i was there both times, sweating profusely while trying to look peaceful and serene. i have no clue how i ended up looking; all i know is that bryan kept walking past my yoga mat as he made his way around the classroom, so with my luck, everyone now knows how uncoordinated i can be. argh.

but sometimes ending up on video can be spontaneous, if not downright fun. i'm going to leave you now with a flash mob-style video taken at the third street promenade in santa monica a few weeks ago by a renegade group of teachers and students from yogis anonymous. filmed by dorian cheah, it starts out with chani nicholas stopping to take in the beautiful spring day. she is soon joined by ally hamilton and her son dylan, and many more, including yours truly. click here to view that video (you'll need a facebook account, though, to view it).


Monday, April 12, 2010

yoga and the art of living

last november, i joined mike schneider (aka franklinavenue) and over a hundred adventure-seekers on his 4th annual great LA walk from the shrine auditorium to the ocean. we walked some 17+ miles along streets and avenues named after US presidents -- jefferson, adams, hoover, and washington.

it was while we were walking along adams boulevard in the west adams district that my walking companion, will campbell (aka wildbell), pointed out the beautiful christian science church that lay empty and dormant. it was such a large structure that it would require a congregation with generous funding to purchase and maintain it. we wondered what would come of it.

then last february, inspired by mike's presidential theme, will decided to observe the presidents day holiday with a group 32-mile 8 presidents bike ride that took us from lafayette park all the way out to marina del rey and back. we rode along hoover, jefferson, lincoln, washington, adams (and a few small streets in culver city that may or may not have been named after presidents), and once again, we noticed the church sitting idly at the corner of adams and hoover.

would there ever be someone who would step up to the plate and save this amazing edifice from possible ruin?

apparently, someone finally has...

this morning, my friend harvey forwarded to me a link to an LA times article that talked about the new future of the christian science church. he knew it would be of interest me, not because of his or my religious background (after all, he's jewish and i'm catholic), but because a yoga and meditation organization is behind the recent purchase. yes, it's yoga to the rescue! :)

here are excerpts from that article. you can read it in its entirety here: Meditation and yoga heading to former Christian Science building

A church in the West Adams district that formerly rang with Christian Science hymns is soon to resonate with such unfamiliar sounds as chanting and the voices of yoga teachers urging students to breathe smoothly.

The Art of Living Foundation plans to rededicate the century-old Second Church of Christ, Scientist and an adjoining reading room in a public ceremony Wednesday. The foundation intends to use the inner-city building for courses in meditation, as a research center and for conferences for "raising social awareness," according to Rajshree Patel, the foundation's executive director in Los Angeles.

Founded nearly 30 years ago by meditation teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (not to be confused with the similarly named sitar player), the Art of Living Foundation is a nondenominational, nonprofit organization dedicated to meditation and emotional self-control as the keys to peaceful and cooperative living, Patel said. The organization teaches traditional disciplines including meditation and yoga and holds classes and seminars on issues ranging from world peace to emotional self-control.

Designed by Los Angeles architect Alfred Rosenheim, with Albert C. Martin serving as the structural engineer, the "Italian Renaissance edifice was heralded as the largest and most elaborate of the denomination's branches west of the Mississippi when it was constructed," the nomination stated.

For the moment, the restoration work on the building is mostly cosmetic, Patel said, although the foundation plans to hire an architect and eventually renovate the building completely.

unbeknowst to harvey, the timing of this article couldn't have been more coincidental... just yesterday, i paid a visit to a new yoga studio in redondo beach that shared a location with -- you guessed it -- an art of living center!

it sounds like someone's telling me to share that visit with you, doesn't it? so here goes...

Redondo Beach Yoga
1924-B Pacific Coast Highway
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 868-YOGA
website: http://www.redondobeachyoga.org/

We are a brand new studio conveniently located in south Redondo Beach near PCH and Prospect at the Art of Living Center. We are currently offering a variety of class types and lengths to satisfy our students needs. We encourage our students to request times and classes that they might like to attend, and we will try to accommodate those requests when there is enough interest.

Redondo Beach Yoga is a collective of inspired teachers of different backgrounds and experience, ranging from those with certification in multiple disciplines as well as newer Hatha certified teachers that are creative and full of enthusiasm for teaching and sharing Yoga. All of our teachers bring focus on the setting of intention as well as emphasis to the meditative aspect of yoga and the healing integration of the practice through Svasana.

i first heard about redondo beach yoga earlier this week when a facebook friend became a fan of RBY's facebook page (believe me, i've gotten a lot of yoga information merely by facebook-stalking many of my friends!).

on their fb page, they had posted this event:

Please join us for this mini Retreat☺ Wear comfortable clothes, be prepared to RELAX & RESTORE yourself. We will practice Gentle Yoga, relax in supported poses, meditate for a short time & restore ourselves & our Chakras while bringing in and balancing Energy. If you have a bolster, please bring it if you can. Call Pam Carpenter for more info or to register for the class...

i've been nursing some tightness in my right hip flexor and my right rotator cuff, so the "relax and restore" immediately started to talk to me. just knowing that it was a brand-new studio and i wouldn't have to do any arm balances or tricky inversions made me run to my calendar, check my schedule, and pencil in the workshop. of course, it didn't matter that i had already committed to taking jo tastula's advanced practice at yogaglo that same day... i would do both! (and i wonder why my body's complaining??)

having worked in the south bay for almost two years, i'd frequented a number of stores and restaurants in redondo beach. and for the most part, they were all located in the northern part of the city near hermosa beach. so i assumed redondo beach yoga was somewhere around there, too. until i entered the address on google maps right before heading out to class. and found out that it was much farther south, practically in palos verdes. which meant that i needed more time than i had given myself to get there. a 9:30am class in santa monica, followed by a 1pm class in redondo beach? yeah, it could work...

sure enough, after jo's class, i found myself chatting with other students who had shown up at the glo, so by the time i had biked back home, it was almost noon. and i'd need a good half hour -- at least -- to drive down to the part of redondo beach that was probably the farthest away from the freeway. with no time left for lunch, i ran to the kitchen and grabbed a box of wheat crackers and a bottle of juice and hopped in my car.

in my attempt to avoid the mall traffic and stoplights on hawthorne (one of the major connector roads linking the 405 freeway with palos verdes), i opted to exit at inglewood instead and take residential streets. and it turned out to be a very pleasant experience. sailing down prospect avenue, i went up and down hills, past schoolgrounds and churches, and admired the well-manicured lawns of the homes i drove past. it took me a while, but i reached my destination just as the class was about to start. whew!

redondo beach yoga is basically an open room in a commercial building. there is no lobby, no office, no retail area. the room is simply furnished with some shelves and a raised stage at the front of the room with a large photograph of sri sri ravi shankar (not to be confused with the musician ravi shankar -- aka anoushka shankar's and norah jones' dad).

the art of living foundation holds classes and kirtans around town (including the monthly kirtan at yoga desa in topanga) and was looking to add yoga classes to its list of offerings at its redondo beach location. a group of south bay based teachers were contacted, and voila... another yoga studio!

as for our class, it was a delicious THREE-hour restorative class with pam carpenter that started with pranayama and ended with chakra balancing. pam isn't one of the teachers who regularly teach at the center; however, she does teach at a number of locations around the south bay.

hatha, yin, and vinyasa flow classes will be offered at the center from monday through friday. most of the teachers on staff have received their training through cloud nine yoga. single drop-in classes are $15 (which sounds like a deal compared to the $22 charged at some other studios!) and class packages are available.

redondo beach yoga will be holding an open house celebration this coming sunday, april 18th from 1 to 4pm. there will be short yoga demo classes as well as snacks and door prizes for all who attend. the regular teaching staff will also be on hand to answer questions about the classes they teach. they're currently running a new student special: buy the 1st class, get the 2nd class FREE, so take advantage of this deal while you can!

parking: free parking in lot
bike racks: none
closest intersection: PCH and prospect

in the meantime, the new los angeles headquarters of the art of living foundation will be inaugurated this wednesday, april 14th and sri sri ravi shankar will be holding a commentary on the upanishads on the 15th-17th. while tickets are pretty much sold out of all events, some higher-priced tickets to the inauguration are still available - click here to purchase.

By nurturing the spirit and compassion of every individual, the Foundation seeks to help build a global society that is free of stress, violence, and misery - and full of service, wisdom, and celebration. ~ from about the art of living foundation

Thursday, April 08, 2010

groovin' with the changes

this news update came via email today from karen russell of yoga groove studio in north hollywood:

Exciting News For All The Yoga Groove Students!

As of April 5, 2010 Jenn Lucene will be the new owner of the Yoga Groove Studio. I want to say thank you for helping me build the studio and making it the community it is today.

I am personally taking time to focus on the Yoga Groove DVD series, workshops and retreats and I am very excited to have Jenn Lucene buy the studio. She is talented, fun-loving, has the time to put 100% into the studio, loves the existing teachers and seva staff and will provide the best yoga and bellydance classes that the valley has to offer.

She will honor all class passes. As of April 12, 2010 the studio will be called "The Jade Apple" and will have a revised schedule. Please look for her e-mails from The Jade Apple. If you have any questions, please e-mail Jenn at jenn@jadeappleyoga.com or call at 818-508-9434.

It has been my pleasure to create the Yoga Groove Studio and I completely stand by Jenn as she takes the studio to new levels. For the past three years I have felt so much love and support and I will keep you posted on all the upcomming Yoga Groove workshops, retreats and new products. I will teach my Friday 9:15am class this week. If you want to contact me , please e-mail me at karen@yogagroovestudio.com

Peace and Blessings-
Karen Russell, Yoga Groove

shortly after, jenn lucene, the new owner of the jade apple, sent this out:

After years of producing television, I have decided to fulfill my aspiration to be a business owner & to devote my life to yoga. It is my dream come true to be of service to the community by offering the gift of health and well-being. With gratitude and excitement, I present to you all The Jade Apple.

The Jade Apple is going to continue to be a yoga studio, and more. We will offer a variety of yoga styles & classes for beginners to advanced yogis. Plus we will offer classes in belly dancing, meditation, stretching & more. As we grow, our boundaries will expand.

Over the next few weeks, you will see small changes at the studio, in an effort to make things more wonderful for us all. This will not disrupt classes and should result in great improvements.

I am honored & delighted to offer this studio, these classes & this building community to you. Stop by for a cup of tea and an apple anytime. I’d love to share my enthusiasm with you.

Love & Deep breathing,
Jenn Lucene

click here to visit the new jade apple yoga website

Thursday, April 01, 2010

easter break

just in case you haven't been checking the calendar, this coming sunday is easter sunday. many yoga studios will either be closed or have a modified schedule, so before you head off to class, take a quick peek at the list below. i'm still scrounging around emails, websites, facebook statuses, twitter tweets, and so on, so please keep checking back for updates :)

awareness center yoga, pasadena

In observance of Easter Sunday, the Awareness Center will be closed on April 4th. We will open again on Monday, April 5th for regular classes.

back for yoga, el segundo

Great news!!! Not only do you have a weekend of good food and enjoyable company awaiting you, but also an amazing opportunity to enjoy your yoga practice this upcoming Easter Sunday, April 04, 2010.
All three regularly scheduled classes will be held in order to accommodate those of you that would like to practice before the celebrations have started and an early evening class for those of you needing a relaxing release after the festivities have ceased.
8:00-9:15 AM Hatha Basics - All Levels Cathy
9:30-10:45 AM Yoga Tune Up - All Levels Theresa
5:30-6:45 PM Hatha Basics - All Levels Andy

bhakti yoga shala, santa monica

Join Ryan Brewer's special Easter Sunday yoga class at noon w/ musical guest Eric Vaughan, an incredible flute player!

city yoga, west hollywood

EASTER SUNDAY APRIL 4th - 2 classes only:
9-10:30am mixed with Tom Jermain
11am-12:30pm basics 101 with Linda Eifer

dharma mittra yoga LA, los angeles

This Easter Sunday April 4th, DMYLA will be closed. There will be no class at DMYLA Playa either. This means no partner yoga because it is scheduled for the first Sunday of every month.

earth's power yoga, los angeles

We are open Easter Sunday just 2 classes:
10:30 am with Steven
5:45 pm with Liz

free spirit yoga, long beach

4/4 Easter Schedule: We will be having all of our classes as usual. Have a blessed day.

garden of yoga, woodland hills

We will be closed on Sunday, April 4th for the Easter Holiday. Classes will resume on Monday, April 5th.

the green yogi, manhattan beach

Easter Sunday Classes
9:30 - 10:45 AM Power Vinyasa All Levels with Christine Kane
6:00 - 7:15 PM Yin Relaxation Ahh... All Levels with Matt Rothert

guerilla yoga, hollywood

Same Guerilla Time, Same Guerilla Channel.
9:15am at the Hollywood Dance Center. She hasn't been in the teacher's seat for quite a few Sundays so come on over before Easter dinner.

karen shuman's beyond yoga, sherman oaks

After much meditation I have decided to close the studio for Easter Sunday.
I often speak in class about making time for yourself and putting yourself on the top of your own "to-do" list. I realized that I was not practicing what I was preaching. I decided to take the day off, enjoy the beautiful weather and take some time for myself. I hope you all do the same.

liberation yoga, los angeles

Don't miss out on our yearly tradition - an easter egg hunt for grown ups (and kids!). On Easter weekend there will be eggs hiding around the studio with exciting prizes tucked inside - like free classes and store discounts and CHOCOLATE! So keep your eyes (all three!) open. Also on Easter Sunday we will have a one day only $10 sale - many wonderful boutique items for only 10 bucks!

raksa, culver city

Please note that RakSa will close at 12:30 pm this Sunday April 4th. We will be open for treatments and healthful food all morning and hope that you will join us for one of our wonderful yoga classes:
8:30 - 9:50 AM Yoga: Level 1 with Joyce
10:00 - 11:20 AM Yoga: All Levels with Yvette

santa monica yoga, santa monica

Yes, we are open for Easter weekend with a regular schedule.

silver lake yoga, silverlake

On Easter, Sunday, April 4, there will only be two classes:
Sam's 9:00 - 10:15 am Beginner's & Dana's 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Flow.
All other classes are canceled

studio surya yoga, venice

This Sunday April 4th, we will be closed for Easter. So from our family to yours, have a wonderful Easter holiday!

U studio yoga, los angeles

Easter day classes - Andrea at 10:30 and 4pm!

urban lily yoga, sherman oaks

Sunday April 4 Schedule:
9:00-10:30 AM Yoga Blend & Flow Level 1/2 Elinore Cohen
10:30-12:00 PM Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3 Elinore Cohen

yoga groove, north hollywood

Due to the Easter Holiday this Sunday, there will be no class on Sunday only. There will be a regular class schedule on Saturday. So come and get your yoga in on Saturday and enjoy a wonderful Sunday off!!

yoga hop, santa monica

Saturday night, April 3rd, the 5:45 PM class will be cancelled. All other Saturday classes remain the same.
Easter Sunday, April 4th, the YogaHop schedule will be as follows:
8:15 - 9:45 AM Summit 2/3 Matthew Reyes
4:00 - 5:30 PM Summit 2/3 Kourtney Kaas

yoga loft, manhattan beach


the yoga loft, woodland hills

The studio will be closed on Sunday April 4.

yoga madre, arcadia

Free class on Easter Sunday - 11am All Levels with Jen - What a great way to honor the day!

yoga at the village, glendale

OPEN EASTER SUNDAY-Limited Schedule:
9:30AM Iyengar with Scott Hobbs and 11:00AM FREE Intro only.

yogis anonymous, santa monica

Full schedule at YA!

the yogi tree, toluca lake

Regular classes will resume Monday, April 5, 2010.

your neighborhood studio, culver city

We are open this Sunday for a special 9:30am Booiaka Class and 10:30am Zumba class.
We are closed the rest of the day, with a regular schedule Friday and Saturday.

yummy yoga, los feliz

Easter Sunday, April 4: All Classes Cancelled