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Thursday, April 08, 2010

groovin' with the changes

this news update came via email today from karen russell of yoga groove studio in north hollywood:

Exciting News For All The Yoga Groove Students!

As of April 5, 2010 Jenn Lucene will be the new owner of the Yoga Groove Studio. I want to say thank you for helping me build the studio and making it the community it is today.

I am personally taking time to focus on the Yoga Groove DVD series, workshops and retreats and I am very excited to have Jenn Lucene buy the studio. She is talented, fun-loving, has the time to put 100% into the studio, loves the existing teachers and seva staff and will provide the best yoga and bellydance classes that the valley has to offer.

She will honor all class passes. As of April 12, 2010 the studio will be called "The Jade Apple" and will have a revised schedule. Please look for her e-mails from The Jade Apple. If you have any questions, please e-mail Jenn at jenn@jadeappleyoga.com or call at 818-508-9434.

It has been my pleasure to create the Yoga Groove Studio and I completely stand by Jenn as she takes the studio to new levels. For the past three years I have felt so much love and support and I will keep you posted on all the upcomming Yoga Groove workshops, retreats and new products. I will teach my Friday 9:15am class this week. If you want to contact me , please e-mail me at karen@yogagroovestudio.com

Peace and Blessings-
Karen Russell, Yoga Groove

shortly after, jenn lucene, the new owner of the jade apple, sent this out:

After years of producing television, I have decided to fulfill my aspiration to be a business owner & to devote my life to yoga. It is my dream come true to be of service to the community by offering the gift of health and well-being. With gratitude and excitement, I present to you all The Jade Apple.

The Jade Apple is going to continue to be a yoga studio, and more. We will offer a variety of yoga styles & classes for beginners to advanced yogis. Plus we will offer classes in belly dancing, meditation, stretching & more. As we grow, our boundaries will expand.

Over the next few weeks, you will see small changes at the studio, in an effort to make things more wonderful for us all. This will not disrupt classes and should result in great improvements.

I am honored & delighted to offer this studio, these classes & this building community to you. Stop by for a cup of tea and an apple anytime. I’d love to share my enthusiasm with you.

Love & Deep breathing,
Jenn Lucene

click here to visit the new jade apple yoga website


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