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Thursday, March 11, 2010

studio space needed

when the subject line of an email update from a yoga studio says "Important Karuna Yoga Update ", you know it can't be happy news...

kelly wood from karuna yoga in los feliz sent this note out a couple of days ago. i wanted to get more information before passing it along to you, and earlier tonight, i did. from what i understand, the rent on the space karuna leases has become so prohibitive that kelly has been forced to close the studio at the end of this month. she's still hoping to find a new space nearby, but in the meantime, the days at the location on hillhurst avenue are numbered :(

here's her message:

Dear Karuna Family,

As you know, I have been searching for new (and hopefully improved) studio space for Karuna Yoga. Unfortunately, the new space that I initially found now appears not to be appropriate for our community.

We will continue our regular schedule in our current facilities at least until March 31st, 2010.

I strongly suggest that you come in for class as much as possible this month and make the most of the special space we have created together on Hillhurst. There may be an interval between the availability of our current space and our new space. Or it may be that we transition into a temporary space.

I will keep you informed in the weeks ahead.

I continue to look diligently for our new Karuna Yoga studio location. I am very grateful for your willingness to stand with me at this trying time. We can help each other move into the new phases of yoga, Karuna and life with mindfulness and hopefully an open heart of appreciation for our time together.



just received an update:

subject: Good News from Karuna Yoga

We remain in our current location through the end of April!

Our Karuna community continues to provide support, care and patience during this time of change and I thank you with my whole heart. ~ Kelly


Blogger McKenna said...

I received my training from Kelly, and I credit her as my inspiration for a certain integrity and thoroughness to my teaching style. Karuna was a big staple of the neighborhood and my life. My understanding is that building owners have jacked up the rent too much. It's too bad that they can't recognize Karuna for all it has brought to the community, not to mention all additional customers for the surrounding businesses, like the Alcove, etc. I hope Kelly can find a new home for Karuna soon.

2:25 PM  
Blogger joni said...

i hope so, too! and thanks for reminding me that i want to take a class with her before karuna closes at the end of the month. i hate when things like this happen :(

5:16 PM  

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