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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

triyoga center in malibu to move

this just came in from kali ray, founder of the triyoga center in malibu (please note that this is NOT the similarly-named truyoga in santa monica). since the change in the center's situation sounds a bit sudden, i thought it best to post it as soon as i could:

Dear TriYoga Friends,

After nearly twelve years in Malibu, TriYoga Center is moving from this beautiful ashrama overlooking the sea. The landlord decided to move back into his home.

In preparation for moving, daily classes came to an end after the 30th anniversary program at the end of January. A TriYogathon is tentatively planned for February 12 - 14 in celebration of Shivaratri. If you are interested in attending, please register and confirm in advance.

You are an integral part of the local TriYoga community and your presence is greatly appreciated. We will inform you soon of future programs in the Malibu area.

~ in the Flow ~