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Monday, April 26, 2010

riding through change with grace

last month, i posted a copy of an email kelly wood sent out about the impending closure of karuna yoga at the end of march. i later appended to it a follow-up email from her with the good news that the closing date was moved to the end of april. of course, the hope was that the extra month would give her enough time to find a new location...

unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case because i received this note today:

Karuna Yoga is Closing - May 2nd

Let's Celebrate!

We have had eight successful years together - growing, learning, breathing and being present to one another. It is my hope that each of us takes the practice of yoga and meditation into our lives and values the time spent on Hillhurst Avenue. Life is change. Change is the only constant. Because we practice yoga and meditation, we grow the skill to ride through change with grace.

I want to thank each person, with my whole heart, who has walked through the doors of Karuna and shared your heart with our community. I have grown so much as a person in these last eight years. I have had the honor of witnessing your growth within our time together. May you take the joy and discipline of yoga with you in your next steps of life.

Come in for classes this week. Please view our updated schedule.

Let's enjoy our last day in the studio on Sunday May 2nd (9:30am) with Kundalini Yoga.

Take a piece of Karuna with you!
Sacred Fire Sale
Saturday, May 1st
Everything is on sale!
Paintings, props, eye pillows, interior furniture, outdoor furniture, plants, planters, light fixtures, statues, fabric and much more!

Silverlake Yoga is graciously honoring active classes for those who have classes remaining. Please view their schedule online.

With respect and genuine appreciation,