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Thursday, March 06, 2014

day 6 - needing to remember not to forget

according to my cleanse schedule, this was the day detoxification was to start in earnest. i was supposed to start my daily am detox drink regimen when i woke up this morning -- but i didn't because i forgot. i only realized my omission when i got to work and checked the packet paperwork that nikki gave me at the start of the cleanse. oops. needless to say, all the powders and measuring spoons are now nicely laid out on my kitchen counter, ready for tomorrow's dose...

as for today, for breakfast, i had the bottle of suja juice i'd bought two days earlier at whole foods (cold-pressed apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, collard greens, kale, lemon, and ginger juices). and because i wanted to chew on something, too, i ate one of the date bars (made from dates, shredded coconut, and almonds) i'd picked up at the farmers market this past saturday. i started out with 18 date bars and have been slowly whittling them down to just 3. and now, minus the one i ate this morning leaves me with two. they've been my go-to whenever i've had a munchie craving; i'm beginning to worry that i'll eat the last one before i get back to the market to buy more!

for lunch, tired of packing the same salad from home, i ventured into the fast food salad world and popped by subway to get their chopped salad. i've had it a few times before, but each of those times i'd ordered it with a veggie patty and cheese. this time, because soy and dairy are on the "AVOID" list, i asked the server to load it up with every vegetable they had, easy lettuce, extra spinach, please. it was palatable, plus i had some left over for later.

for dinner, i picked up a freshly-made vegetable sushi roll at yen sushi. it was a straightforward affair with nori, rice, carrot, avocado, cucumber, and wakame (i asked for gobo -- burdock -- but somehow got the seaweed instead). there was a sesame oil dressing that came with it, but since i wasn't exactly sure what its ingredients were, i drizzled just a bit of it on the roll to give it some flavor. that and my leftover salad were perfect for filling my belly before taking a late night yoga class. no need to panic; it was a gentle restorative class in a slightly heated room at corepower yoga in brentwood. no inversions, no crazy twists, no crazy binds. my stomach was safe.

tomorrow is friday, the start of my weekend. i'll be up and about, flitting about between anaheim (the natural products expo) and downtown (a show at the disney concert hall). i have no idea how i'll be fitting in all the tonics, drinks, supplements, and meals on my list for that day; all i know is that i'll have to carry them around with me until the right time presents itself. maybe i should set an alarm so i don't forget? brilliant idea!

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today's yoga class: a corerestore class with alex artymiak at corepower yoga wilshire

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