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Sunday, August 02, 2009

keep your teens fit and healthy

the summer seems to be flying by... it's already august, which means your kids are probably trying to have as much fun as they can before their days are filled with homework and tests and science projects...

karen jashinsky and the others behind O2 max, a fitness club for teens located in santa monica, are going to be holding their second annual tour de fitness, a fun (and FREE!) event that will have participants walking, stretching, and even doing some yoga while learning how to incorporate healthier habits into their lives. this year's event will be held on saturday, august 15th starting at 8:30am.

i joined them briefly last year while they were checking out the food aisles of the local whole foods market; this year, i plan to meet them at the start of the tour as they take a brief yoga class with shana meyerson at the lululemon store in santa monica. it should be an interesting experience for me, especially since most of the people in class will be even younger than my own kids!

here's a brief description of the tour de fitness 2009; keep checking the O2 max website for updated route information:

Come join us for the second annual Tour de Fitness (TDF). TDF is a free all day fitness event where youth and their families can learn about the importance of fitness, exercise, and nutrition. TDF was created to raise awareness about the youth obesity crisis. Childhood obesity is a health epidemic that demands action today. One in three American children will develop Type 2 Diabetes in their lifetime. One in three kids today are considered overweight with an estimated $177 billion in annual sales spent trying to reverse this serious health trend.

TDF will take place throughout the scenic city of Santa Monica. Participants will walk, run, and hike through Santa Monica while taking stops to refuel, learning about healthy eating habits, and discovering fun and exciting methods of exercise. Of course, meeting fellow participants in this bonding exercise doesn’t hurt either.


This event is FREE, family friendly and lots of fun. The first 100 people to register will receive free gifts and a 6 month membership to the O2 MAX Family Fitness Program.