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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

another yoga discovery

thanks to scott, an officemate of mine who's been clued in to my yoga addiction, i've just discovered a new yoga studio in the south bay.

a few days ago, he dropped by my cubicle and mentioned that he had just driven past a yoga place on his way to work that morning. where was it?, i asked, expecting him to mention the coordinates of a studio i'd already heard about. 182nd and hawthorne, he said. hmmm, i've never heard of a place out that way, i replied. he said he'd try to get their name the next time he drove by. in the meantime, i started googling the address plus the word "yoga" and came up with nothing.

the next morning, scott popped by again to provide more information. it's called CORE, he said. and again, i googled. and again, nada.

now totally stumped, i decided to drive out there today during my lunch break to see the place and check it out. after all, there are many places that claim to offer yoga classes, yet it turns out that they teach only one yoga class a week in addition to whatever else it is that they normally do. and as far as i'm concerned, that's no yoga studio.

i found the place quite easily. sure enough, right after i turned west onto 182nd from hawthorne boulevard, i found a building on my left that said "The Core". but there was no other sign that hinted at yoga classes, which made me wonder if scott was hallucinating (and no, he wasn't; i later found out that i would have seen the "yoga" banner if i had approached the building from the opposite direction).

i walked in to pick up a schedule of classes, and as i approached the reception desk, a friendly face asked me if i needed any help. i told her that i had heard about their studio and wanted to get some information. so not only did she hand me the brochure and schedule, but she also offered to give me a tour of their brand-new facilities.

melanie, my tour guide, explained that their classes are geared towards both adults and children, with adult and kids classes taught simultaneously. which means that while the adults are busy working out in their nia, pilates, or yoga classes, the kids are busy having fun in their art, dance, or yoga classes (with the latter possibly with their parents, too).

all the rooms looked clean, bright, and inviting, so inviting that i immediately checked my calendar to see when i could fit in a yoga class. and right now, it looks like i might be able to work in next monday... assuming, of course, i'm not wiped out from this weekend's yogathon...

so if you want to check out the place before i do, this is where you'll find them:

The Core, Your Perfect Center
4450 West 182nd Street, Redondo Beach, CA
(310) 542-2182