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Sunday, July 01, 2007

who let the dawg out?

when i heard that the one-and-only yogadawg had just added LA to his 2007 tour schedule, i knew i had to meet up with the source of the wackiest yoga humor on the internet. after all, someone had to keep an eye on him while he was on the loose.

i had hoped to take a yoga class or two with him sometime during the three days he'd be in town, but as things would have it, i had to work the first day he was here and was going to be sequestered the remaining two days at the city yoga yogathon. darn. so to keep him occupied, i gave him a list of yoga studios near his hotel. and wouldn't you know it; he managed to visit them all. and i thought i was compulsive.

but we did get to meet up last friday evening in west hollywood at the urth caffe, a regular hangout of anyone into the organic food scene, i.e., yoga devotees. over our typically-LA calorie-conscious dinner (me - soup, him - salad), we chatted animatedly over the yoga goings-on in LA as well as on the east coast, where he's from. and we found out that besides our obsession with all things yoga, we had a lot of other things in common, including what we do for a living to supplement our blogging income (which, in my case, is zilch.)

we had to cut our conversation short to head over to the bodhi tree bookstore next door for the performance yogadawg claimed was a must-see (of course, when i mentioned to my friend cindy earlier that week that i was going to a comedy act at the bodhi tree, she rolled her eyes, knowing that it had to be yoga-related. and as far as she was concerned, how could anything yoga-related be funny? i'm beginning to wonder if i'm turning into a social misfit...)

here's how the show was described on the bodhi tree event calendar:
Friday, June 29, 7:30-9:30 pm
ENLIGHTEN-UP: Ahas and Ha-has from the Funniest Women on Earth
Hosted by the Brilliant Alicia Dattner
Comedy Performance Followed by Q&A: $20.
For Info: (360) 789-1466 http://www.vanda.us/
Vanda will take the audience down a twisted spiritual path, through her drug and alcohol related addiction, to address the trap of being a human being and the sub-atomic realm's response to the mind of (wo)man. Vanda's concern with cleansing the connection to "Source" made gunky by the numbing concerns of ordinary consciousness (It's that ordinary consciousness that will bite you in the butt every time!") is hysterical, provocative and irreverent. Featuring actress comedienne Amy Stiller from "King of Queens" and "The Day Trippers" sharing her hilarious journey through relationships, spiritual path, yoga, aging, and finding herself.

of course i had no clue where the humor could possibly lead, but if yogadawg believed it was worth the price of a plane ticket to the west coast, i was in. besides, it would be a good way to decompress the night before my upcoming 24 hours of yoga.

to make a long story short, the evening turned out to be very entertaining, yoga/spiritual humor and all. vanda kept fawning over yogadawg and singing his praises, completely oblivious to the fact that the greatest yoga blogger in LA was seated right beside him.

who's that, you ask? just you wait... there'll come a day when people will feel honored just to be in the presence of the accidental yogist...

yeah, right.