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Friday, April 28, 2006

the ripple effect

after looking at the recent updates to a couple of yoga studio schedules, i've noticed that there are new names where familiar names used to be. out of curiosity, i've been scanning other schedules to figure out who went where. after all, when one leaves, another one replaces that person. and the replacement, in most cases, comes from yet another studio, leaving another void that has to be filled. it's the yoga ripple effect, so to speak.

of course, the busybody in me also wants to know why all this moving around is going on, but if it has anything to do with studio politics, i know i'll never get the real answer from anyone :(

so from what i've seen in the schedules, this is as close as i could get to where everyone has moved to/from:

  • andrea marcum left earth's power yoga and now has her own studio, u studio

  • christine navarro left both bala yoga and karuna yoga and now teaches at earth's, at times team-teaching with steven earth

  • daniella devarnay seems to have picked up christine's evening classes at bala, with no replacement for christine's morning classes

  • jodi blumstein (a recent transplant from chicago) has taken over christine's ashtanga intro classes at karuna

  • jeff wells left maha yoga and now teaches at jiva yoga

  • kathleen kastner (imported from kansas!) and aras baskauskas have divvied up jeff's lunchtime classes at maha

  • missy costello also left maha

  • greville henwood gave up everything but the kids classes at maha and yogaworks westwood

  • vytas baskauskas has taken over the openings left by missy and greville at maha

  • both aras and vytas will continue to teach at santa monica power yoga (by the way, as of the last survivor episode, aras has survived yet another tribal council vote)

  • and i'm still trying to find out where missy went and if greville is teaching anything else besides those kids classes (but then again, there's that new studio opening up soon on the westside... hmmm... you think?)

  • and the changes just keep on coming...

    moral of the story: if you are an avid student of certain teachers, make sure you're on their mailing lists so you don't lose track of them if and when they move!


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Joni,
    FYI I took over Christine's 9:00a class at Bala, but have since moved to Yoga Works Westwood to teach the 11:00am Lev 2/3 class vacated by Heath House who moved to Dallas to go to graduate school for Architectural Landscaping. Anna Hseih now teaches the 9:00am at Bala. Phew...
    Peter Barnett

    5:09 PM  
    Blogger joni said...

    hi peter -- thanks to the email updates i've been receiving from you, i was able to take heath house's last class at yogaworks westwood. it's sad when a great teacher has to leave town, but since you're a great teacher yourself, at least it won't be such a great loss (did that come out right?)...
    see you at one of your classes soon!

    5:27 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    christine navarro is no longer at earth's. i don't know where/why she went.

    9:24 AM  
    Blogger joni said...

    figures. i leave town for two weeks and everyone decides to play musical studios while i'm gone :(

    it looks like i'll have to spend some time trying to sort everything (and everyone) out when i get back!

    4:01 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Greville Henwood said.....
    Hi Joni,
    Have we ever met??
    FYI I teach kids at Yoga Works now tuesday and thursday at 330-425, and two adult classes at Yoga Works on Montana, and two lunchtime classes at Yoga Works Pacific Palisades.
    I hope to meet you soon!

    9:35 PM  
    Blogger joni said...

    hey greville --
    yes, we have! let's see... i've taken a couple of your classes at yogahop while you were still teaching there... i took your class in the palisades the day before i ran the LA marathon... and i've taken your classes at other places whenever i was able to fit them into my schedule... ring a bell yet?

    10:18 AM  

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