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Thursday, August 24, 2006

required maintenance

earlier this week, i wanted to look up the class schedule at sacred movement, aka the exhale center for sacred movement, aka exhale venice. to get to their website, i usually click on the appropriate link on my blogsite. this time, though, i absentmindedly typed in www.sacredmovement.com at the top of my browser window, knowing that it would redirect me to the new exhale url, as it always did. but not this time.

instead, a page that said "welcome to sacredmovement.com" appeared on my monitor, and at the bottom of the page, there was this link:


when i clicked on the link, i got this answer:

You are seeing this page because the domain name has expired with Register.com.

so it looks like the transition from sacred movement to exhale venice is now complete. so sad. but that also now means that all the links i have in my earlier posts that referenced the old sacred movement site no longer work. that's bad.

because of that, it looks like i now have my first maintenance project. after replacing www.sacredmovement.com with the new www.exhalespa.com/venice1728.html in my yoga instructor listing, i decided to spot check other links to make sure they were current. and while going through the various teachers, i discovered that some of their studio information was no longer correct. for example, liza savage-katz no longer teaches the kids yoga class at exhale. peter barnett no longer teaches at bala. and lori rischer no longer teaches at all. oh dear. more changes!

i was about to go through my entire teacher list and make the required corrections until i realized that with labor day right around the corner, many yoga studios will soon be putting out their new fall/winter class schedules, which may render my list obsolete once again.

so i'm going to attack the updates in stages. my first goal is to find as many of the teachers' websites as i can to make it easier for me to get their class schedules. i can get this info in many ways -- by asking them directly, by asking the studios where they teach, or by doing an internet search. in any case, with over 100 teachers to update, it looks like i'll be busy for a while. i've got to get cracking...

(by the way, if you have any of the information i need and would like to share it with me, i'll gladly give you proper credit for your help!)