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Saturday, December 16, 2006


note: updates to the updates have just been added (see ***)

here's a brief recap of the recent comings and goings (or rather, the openings and closings) in the los angeles yoga scene:


silverlake yoga two
2810 glendale blvd, los angeles, CA 90039
(323) 953-0496
website: www.silverlakeyoga.com

i found out about this new addition while searching studio websites for thanksgiving class schedules. i originally thought that silverlake yoga had opened up a new studio elsewhere in los angeles (much like yoga house did earlier this year), but i later found out that the new place was located right next door to the original silverlake yoga. in my book, that makes it a studio expansion, but then again, they can call it whatever they want :) anyway, i've wanted to take a class there just to see what the new space was like, but since the offerings are primarily pilates and prenatal classes, i haven't found a real reason to go. at least not yet. they do have an ashtanga class on saturdays and an iyengar class on sundays, so there's hope for a visit from me yet.

urth yoga
2809 w sunset blvd, los angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-YOGA
website: www.urthyoga.com

there was a blurb in both the december issues of LA yoga and yogitimes magazines about this new studio which opened last november in silverlake. at first glance, i thought that someone had decided to annex a yoga studio to urth caffe, but i was wrong (too bad, because the urth caffe's culinary offerings would make for a great post-practice meal). anyway, it sounds like this new studio's following the lead of other eco-friendly yoga places such as home simply yoga and revive yoga. i have urth on my list of places to visit during the holidays, so i'll report back once i do.

2425 colorado ave, santa monica, CA 90404
(310) 829-2420
website: www.tryogala.com

thanks to liz hage for passing on the word about this new yoga studio in my neck of the woods: "I am happy to announce that beginning in mid-January, I will be adding two classes to my schedule on the Westside. A beautiful new GREEN yoga studio, Tryoga, is opening in the Yahoo Center and offering a full schedule. All classes are open to the public and free valet parking is available. I'll be there Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:00 - 1:55 pm. Come for a yoga lunch!"
there's more on the january 12th grand opening festivities, including a free week of yoga the first week they're open, at the studio website.

*** your neighborhood studio
11154 washington blvd, culver city, CA 90232
(310) 621-2083
website: www.yourneighborhoodstudio.com

while scanning yogafinder.com for studios i've never heard of nor visited, i came across this new entry. it turns out that the studio offers yoga, budokon, and dance classes, with the yoga instructors being current/former teachers at bryan kest's power yoga studio in santa monica. the budokon classes will be taught by cameron shayne, the creator of budokon himself, starting jan 15th. as for the dance, it's an eclectic mix of hip hop, phunk, belly dance, and african dance. they just opened in november, i believe, and will be having their grand opening celebration on saturday, jan 13th.


bala yoga + yoga inside out = the new bala yoga
142 n la brea ave, los angeles, CA 90039
(323) 939-6424
website: www.balayoga.net

again, i found this during one of my periodic yoga studio website scans. on dec 4th, ross rayburn and his crew (yoga inside out) joined forces with ginny biddle and her peeps (bala yoga) and they now operate out of one beautiful space on la brea (the bala studio). i would think that it's a win-win as far as YIO devotees are concerned, because the bala location has a much larger asana room AND plenty of FREE parking. which is a real precious commodity around los angeles, where parking can cost an arm or a leg. or even a parking ticket. while scanning the class schedule, i noticed that most of the teachers are anusara teachers (a YIO legacy); however, there are still non-anusara teachers held over from the pre-merger days. as far as i'm concerned, the result is a great mix of teachers and teaching styles, so i'm looking forward to checking out the changes sometime soon.

*** jiva yoga + yoga works = yoga works pacific palisades
15327 sunset blvd, pacific palisades, CA 90272
(310) 454-7000
website: www.yogaworks.com/losangeles/studios.asp?loc=PP

i had heard rumors some time ago about this merger being in the works, so when i tried to access the jiva website the other day for their holiday schedule and wasn't able to, i suspected something was up. sure enough, i found this message today on the jiva home page:
Welcome. I am very excited to announce that Jiva Yoga is now part of a larger family of yoga studios, Yoga Works! With Yoga Works behind us, i am excited to watch the studio reach its full potential.
Christy Erlich
former owner Jiva Yoga
it looks like i have to drop by the old jiva location just so i can say i've been to yoga works pacific palisades...

*** yogasofia + body mind & soul studio = the new yogasofia
1332 hermosa ave, hermosa beach, CA 90254
(310) 798-0377
website: www.yogasofia.com

i happened upon this merger quite by accident; i was checking to see if there was a class i could take at yogasofia over the holiday weekend and noticed the acronym "BMS" liberally scattered about the class schedule. i eventually found out that it stood for "body mind & soul", another studio in hermosa beach that merged with yogasofia earlier this month.
according to an announcement at the yogasofia site:
Check out our new, bigger schedule, which incorporates BodyMindSoul Studio's classes, since our studios merged on Dec. 1! JERI, SANDRA, TIM, MINDY, & DEBORAH-- we encourage you to try them all! We are so honored to have them with us.


yoga garden studios
2236 26th st, santa monica, CA 90405
(310) 450-0133
website: www.yogagardenstudios.com

it was in the december 2006 issue of LA yoga magazine that i read about ida unger shutting down her home-based studio at the end of this month. since i had missed taking a class with her the last (and only) time i was at yoga garden studios, i want to make sure i catch her while i still can. i got this email from her just the other day, and it looks like i might be able to make her class this time. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Some of our classes will end early in the month due to holidays and teacher vacation schedules. The dates listed below should help you plan your yoga classes.

Andrea Isco's last class: Monday 9:15 am, December 18
Doug Dee's last classes: Thursday 8:00 pm, December 21; Saturday, 10:00 am, December 23
Gitta Walton's last class: Thursday 9:30 am, December 14
Ida Unger's last classes: Tuesday 5:00 pm, December 19; Sunday 9 -10:30am, December 31- Workshop on Pranayama
Jennifer Edwards's last classes: Wednesday 9:15 am, December 20; Saturday 8:15 am, December 30
Judith Lutz's last class: Monday 7:30 pm, December 18
Koren Paalman's last class: No class on Friday, December 15. Last class on Friday 4:15 pm, December 22
Sherry Gould's last classes: Monday 4 & 6 PM, December 18; Tuesday 6:30 PM, December 19; Wednesday 4 & 6 PM, December 27; Sunday December 24­ No class; Sunday December 31, 3-5 PM, Note time change

*** mukti yoga studio
2405 sepulveda blvd, manhattan beach, CA 90266
(310) 546-6727
website: www.muktiyogastudio.com

i just received this email from julie rader, owner of mukti yoga:

Happy New Year! Thank you for all of the kind e-mails. I am so grateful for your love and support through the closing of the studio.
I am teaching Mukti Yoga classes at Planet Yoga studio in Hermosa Beach on Tuesday 10-11:30am (all) & 6-7:30pm (all), and Friday 10-11:30am (level 1) and 4:30-6pm (all) www.planetyoga.com. Planet Yoga is kindly honoring class packages that were purchased before the closing of Mukti studio.
I am looking for a space to rent out in Manhatttan Beach to teach donation classes Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. The www.muktiyogastudio.com will have updated classes and events.
We still have some space available for the yoga retreat in beautiful Ojai February 2-4, 2007. Please let me know if you have questions or if you want to register. yoga@muktiyogastudio.com
May your intentions come to fruition in 2007!
Julie Rader

by the way, wah! will also be teaching her classes at planet yoga from now on; it'll be on thursdays at 10am.

*** forrest yoga institute
1430 olympic blvd., 2nd floor, santa monica, CA 90404
(310) 581-8900
website: www.forrestyoga.com

this was a shocker to me, especially since they've been hyping the first anniversary celebration at their new location -- forrest yoga in santa monica is closing its doors!
here's the email i received about the latest development:

I am writing to you to let you know that I am closing the Forrest Yoga Institute January 31, 2007. After being open for 16 years, to close the Institute is a difficult and heart wrenching decision, but a necessary one.
I extend my heartfelt love, gratitute, and thanks to the Forrest Yoga teachers, students, and community of the Forrest Yoga Circle and Institute. YOUR love, dedication, excitement and sweat formed the womb that birthed Forrest Yoga into the world. I have a deep love of the Circle and it has a very special place within Forrest Yoga history.
I hope that each of you who have been touched, sparked, challenged, and healed will continue this powerful work within Forrest Yoga. To further my mission of MENDING THE HOOP OF THE PEOPLE, I will be focusing my efforts and resources on growing and deepening the Forrest Yoga teachers' programs, as well as continuing my extensive workshop and teacher training schedule.
Please stay in touch with me as I will stay in touch with you. One of the ways you can stay in touch is continuing a consistent practice with our Forrest Yoga teachers in Los Angeles. This is how:
We will have a dedicated webpage on our website www.forrestyoga.com
with all the contact information for our Forrest Yoga Institute teachers so you can find them. Also, my schedule is on the website. I would be delighted for you to join me on the road.
This is a time of transition that will create new openings. As one door closes, another opens.
Jonathan and I invite you to join us at the closing ceremony with the Forrest Yoga teaching staff on the evening of January 31st. Details of the closing ceremony times and schedule will be available soon.
My entire life is dedicated to MENDING THE HOOP OF THE PEOPLE. I do this by teaching Forrest Yoga to as many students and teachers as I can. My purpose and passion is to spread this deeply spiritual practice to people throughout the world.
I love you.
Walk in Beauty,
Ana Forrest