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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

still green

my tour of "green" studios continues...

earth-friendly yoga, day three:
all-levels anusara with tara judelle at still yoga

as far as i'm concerned, still yoga was a pioneer in the "green" studio movement here in LA. when i had visited their eco-friendly location almost a year ago to the day, they had already been in business for at least a couple of years. so why is it then that when yoga magazines name the environmentally-friendly studios in town, still yoga is usually left off their list?

note: before writing this post, i looked back in my archives to read what i wrote about them after my first visit. and found nothing. i can't believe that i'm just as guilty of neglecting to spread the word about this wonderful studio!! it's about time i posted something, so here goes...

Still Yoga
2395 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 906-8960

website: www.allstill.com

Still is the East Side's only Anusara Yoga studio.
Situated in the heart of Silverlake, Still Yoga is an integral part of the renaissance that has revitalized one of LA's hippest neighborhoods.

Founded over four years ago, Still was forged out of the authentic desire to become a hub for positive change and health in the community. Still was conceived and built as a sustainable business that maximizes the use of green products, including the use of natural rubber mats, bamboo flooring and the sale of environmentally friendly yoga props and ecocentric bodycare products. Offering over 30 mixed level classes a week, taught by inspiring and talented teachers, the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly, the yoga is challenging and the mood is playful.

We invite you to take a moment and be still.

finding still yoga in silverlake is fairly tricky. if you're headed northbound along glendale blvd from dodger stadium and are expecting to see a big "still yoga" sign from the street, you won't. in fact, if you reach the corner of glendale and silverlake (by the bank of america), you've just passed the place. turn around and immediately look for the rockaway record store on your right-hand side (now THAT sign you can't miss). pull into their parking lot and drive all the way to the end; the entrance to still yoga is on the BACK side of the building.

still yoga's interior is fairly austere, as most "green" studios tend to be. the lobby is finished with concrete flooring, plain green walls, and a ceiling that appears to be made of some recycled material. the front desk, the shelving, the benches, and the cubbies are constructed of lightly-stained wood. there is no elaborate artwork, no high-end boutique items. there are some yoga mats and a few pieces of clothing for sale, probably intended for the drop-ins who somehow left what they needed at home.

the classroom is compact and fits about twenty students comfortably. it has the same green walls and recycled ceiling tiles as the lobby, although it does feature bamboo flooring, which is definitely a more forgiving surface to practice on than concrete :)

there is a spa area towards the rear of the studio, complete with carpeted floors, dim lighting, and -- something i consider a definite plus -- a shower! just think: you can work up a sweat and still manage to clean up well enough afterwards to make your lunch/dinner date at gingergrass across the street or edendale grill further up the road where glendale turns into rowena.

as far as conservation efforts go, they use hand towels in the bathroom instead of paper towels and their class schedules are printed on recycled card stock the size of index cards. they sell eco mats as well as the manduka black mat, a yoga mat that's so indestructible that it probably won't end up in a landfill any time soon.

since still is such a well-kept secret, most people find out about the place mainly through word of mouth. and because the student community is small and comprised of mainly locals, many seem to know each other by name. which makes for very friendly (and sometimes entertaining) classes.

still yoga is home to anusara yoga, just like city yoga in west hollywood, mission street yoga in south pasadena, and the late bala yoga/yoga inside out in west hollywood. you'll find that many of the excellent anusara teachers in town, like tara who taught our class that evening, teach here as well as at the other studios. so if you live anywhere near silverlake, you really don't have to drive far to get your fill of heart-centered yoga.

4/20 update: erika glass, still's owner, has just given the studio website a nice facelift; it now provides much more information than it used to. besides the class schedule, you'll now find class pricing information as well as upcoming events.

(and still more "green" to come)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still may fit 20 comfortably, but show up on a Saturday morning and everyone will cheerfully cozy up to their neighbors to fit closer to 30!

4:03 PM  
Blogger joni said...

sounds like a VERY friendly community!

4:15 PM  

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