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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what if bill were one of us?

after viewing the video about bill gates' upcoming retirement which was shown at the recent CES (that's the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas), and seeing him being turned down for record, movie, tv, political, and even environmental gigs by bono, spielberg, stewart, hillary, and gore (yes, i know it's a spoof), i wondered:

has bill considered getting into yoga?

i mean, can't you see him donning a pair of speedos and giving bikram a run for his money?

or playing the harmonium and becoming an even bigger kirtan wallah than krishna das?

or performing the perfect double-jointed gravity-defying pose and ending up on the cover of yoga journal?

oh well, i was just trying to be helpful :)

by the way, the video file is fairly large; you'll have enough time to perfect your own yoga journal cover pose while waiting for it to load...