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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

crossing the finish line

my holiday yogathon has finally come to an end.

it officially started on dec 19th, when i took shiva rea's flow class for the first time after trying for months to work ANY of her classes into my schedule (see 12/30 post for yogathon details).

thinking back, though, the yoga mania actually started two days earlier, when i took TWO classes on the same day -- i took matthew reyes's class at yogamatt that saturday morning, then took max strom's last class at sacred movement later that afternoon. you would think that two classes in one day should have satisfied my weekend yoga requirement, but no, i also ended up taking matt's class at maha on sunday morning.

it seemed appropriate that since i had started the cycle of madness with one of matt's classes, i needed to end it with one more. so i did. (and have just proven without a shadow of a doubt that i'm compulsive!)

anyway, my leaving town for a week will probably do my sanity a world of good, mainly because all my family commitments will probably get in the way of my being able to take a yoga class or two. or three...

my vacation starts tomorrow morning. let's hope i get through yoga withdrawal in one piece!