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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

will work for yoga, part 2

i just landed myself another yoga work/study opportunity.

in exchange for my helping publicize yoga works' 2 weeks for $25 promotion, i get one FREE yoga class for every hour i spend dropping off flyers in neighborhoods near the main street studio. considering that the regular price of a yoga works' class is $17, that's not a bad deal at all.

yesterday, i spent almost two hours walking past homes along the venice canals, breathing in the cool, fresh air, checking out the palatial homes that have replaced the original cottages, and amusing myself with the ducks that have made the walkways and waterways their home.

at first, i was embarrassed whenever passersby spotted me putting flyers in front gates, on doorknobs, and near mailboxes. i imagined that they thought i was an underpaid worker who was handing out take-out menus for a local restaurant. or a jehovah's witness who was trying to push my religious beliefs on the residents of this wealthy westside enclave.

how could it be, i kept asking myself, that i'd sunk this low just to be able to keep my yoga expenses within my tight budget? i started picturing myself as a junkie pushing deals in dark alleyways... psst... wanna buy a yoga series?

i suppose it's true that in "normal" times, i would have been sitting at my desk, cranking out project specifications or schedules AND earning enough money so that i didn't have to find ways to save on yoga classes. but then again, in "normal" times, i would have been sitting in a cubicle staring at a computer monitor instead of walking around on a beautiful day and taking in the scenery.

the more i thought about what i was doing, the more i realized that i was actually dabbling in something that i'd considered getting involved in, namely, public relations. and it was dovetailing quite nicely with the other activities that i'd been involved with recently. like helping a friend distribute brochures at the auto show and at a college expo. or contacting businesses on behalf of a hospital foundation to solicit donations for their upcoming golf tournament. or this, writing about my yoga experiences.

i'm gathering and disseminating information. and talking with people. and traveling. hmmm...

could this be the start of a brand-new career for me? stay tuned...