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Thursday, February 23, 2006

my daily fix

it's been almost two weeks since i last posted my yoga class list, so before i lose track of where i've been, here it is:

2/7david romanelliexhale
santa monica
pass(see feb 7th post)
2/8julian walkersanta monica
2/9andrea marcumearth's
power yoga
$15(see feb 9th post)
2/10ashley turnerpower yoga westdonation 
2/11steve rossmaha yogapass 
2/12vinnie marinoyoga works
main street
$13.60 KCRW(see feb 13th post)
2/13denise kaufmansacred movementpassyin yoga
(see feb 13th post)
2/14matthew cohensacred movementpasspartner yoga
(see feb 14th post)
2/15seane cornsacred movementpass 
2/16matt reyesmaha yogapass 
2/17 #1rick colellainsight yogaFREEpranayama /
yoga /
(see feb 18th post)
2/17 #2kate hillmaninsight yogaFREEyoga+tapas
(see feb 18th post)
vedanta yoga
(see feb 18th post)
2/19kristen rentzyoga works
$13.60 KCRWrestorative
2/20lori rischerlululemon
sacred movementpass 
2/22steven earth metzearth's
power yoga
$13.00 KCRW 

with all the classes i've taken, it's gotten to the point where i'm starting to recognize people in some classes. and in certain cases, some of those familiar faces are those of other teachers (which is an indication that the class itself is a good one, kinda like what they say about finding many chinese diners in a chinese restaurant).

for example:
i saw andrea marcum in vinnie marino's class,
lori rischer in andrea's class,
meaghan townsend in ashley turner's class,
and tracy krosnoff in matthew cohen's class (tracy's on my list of upcoming classes).

i've also seen david romanelli in a few of matt reyes' sunday morning classes. in fact, there probably have been other teachers who've been lurking around, and if i had just paid more attention to the people around me in class, i probably would have spotted more...