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Thursday, January 26, 2006

one last push

i spent some time this morning trying to figure out my yoga schedule for the next week or so. even if there is an over-abundance of yoga studios in los angeles, there are only so many that i can or will visit. and since i know that all my free weekdays will eventually come to an end, i've decided to make one last push to try to hit as many studios and instructors as possible... as soon as possible.

here's my planned hit list:

1/25missy costello
(sub for
tom morley)
maha yogapass 
1/26jeanne heilemanyoga houseFREE first class 
1/28meaghan townsendmaha yoga$20arm balance
1/29will dupreysanta monica
1/30saul david rayeshakti's elementsdonation 
1/31julian walkersanta monica
2/1steven earthearth's power yogadonation 
2/2peter barnettblack dog
20% KCRW
2/3ross rayburnyoga inside out15% KCRW discount 
2/5rick colellainsight yogapassnew student
$15 for 3 classes!
2/6matthew reyeslululemon athleticaFREEhip hop
yoga night 

by the way, this saturday, january 28th, is yoga day USA 2006.

here's the reason for yoga day, according to the website:

Those of us who practice yoga regularly don't need to be convinced of its benefits. We have learned that it helps to keep us focused on the present and have discovered the power of the heightened connection it fosters between mind and body.

We know it helps to melt stress away, relax tight muscles and ease pain. We know that because we practice, our bodies function better; we breathe more deeply and deliver more oxygen to our cells; we are stronger, fitter, and more flexible. We know it even can help us manage our weight.

We know it can do the same for the millions of Americans who have thought about giving yoga a try. That's why Yoga Alliance created Yoga Day USA in 1999. The annual nationwide celebration is designed to raise awareness about yoga's benefits by offering free or low cost workshops in communities all across the country. Many events also are benefits for charitable organizations so you have two great reasons to participate. Just click on the "Locate a Workshop Near You" to find a Yoga Day USA Participant.

the website has a list of yoga studios with special workshops on that day, but what's puzzling to me is that NONE of the studios i've ever been to are on that list. considering that the owners and/or teachers at the studios are big names in the yoga scene, i can't believe that they aren't joining the group in promoting the yoga cause. hmmm...