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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

it's all in the mix

it's been almost two weeks since i got back from vacation, and i've continued with the yoga sampling i started during the holidays. the resulting mix was excellent; i got my fair share of stretching and sweating as well as sacred chanting and hip-hop grooves.

here's where i've been recently:

1/14chappy footeexhale
santa monica
1/16matthew reyesyogamattpass 
1/17venezia carotenutoforrest yogaFREEgrand opening week
1/18ally hamiltonpower yoga westdonation 
1/19heather onoriforrest yogaFREEgrand opening week
1/20rie katagiriforrest yogaFREEgrand opening week
1/21daniel stewartsanta monica yogapassentertainment
card coupon:
50% off
3 classes!
1/22matthew reyesmaha yogapasssubbing for
steve ross
all month
1/23bryan kestpower yoga eastdonation 
1/24erich schiffmannsacred movementpass 

on the new year's resolution front, i've inched closer to my arm balance goals. it's helped that many of those teachers had us working on my problem poses: daniel stewart spent a good amount of time helping us get into crow pose (i actually managed to get BOTH feet off the ground for a couple of seconds!) and erich schiffmann showed us different ways of getting into handstand (he spotted me as i flung my legs and tentatively held them up. yay!). i also plan to take an arm balance and headstand workshop this saturday with meaghan townsend at maha yoga.

there's hope for me yet.