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Monday, May 22, 2006

eureka! i have found it!

for some time now, the westside yoga community has been buzzing with the rumors of a new yoga studio. everyone knew that matt reyes, of maha and yogamatt fame, was setting up a place on this side of the 405. problem was, no one knew where it was going to be, who were going to be teaching there, and when it was going to open.

since i'm quickly becoming quite acquainted with the goings-on in the LA yoga community, thanks to all of my local yoga adventures, i'd been able to do some sleuthing of my own. but i had to keep my findings to myself, out of respect to matt and all his cohorts.

that is, until now :)

the new yoga studio that matt's groupies have been waiting for finally has a name and a location (i might be jumping the gun here, but since the website's up and running, i assume that it's no longer a secret):

1612 montana avenue, 2nd floor
santa monica, CA 90403

(310) 829-5000
website: www.yogahop.com

YogaHop is the home of high energy, FUN yoga.

Yoga classes at YogaHop are electrified by a selection of the world's hottest jams. YogaHop's classes have the intimate feel of personalized instruction in an exciting, motivating group environment. Fueled by great music and highly-trained instructors, YogaHop is the most exhilarating and soulful way to experience yoga.

yogahop is in the space where forrest yoga used to be. it's a few blocks east of yoga works montana, just upstairs from barkley hope and the 17th street cafe. you can access the studio via the stairs on the back side of the building.

here's the teaching staff:
Missy Costello
Catherine Cox
Eka Ekong
Nicky Freeland
Jennifer Galardi
Greville Henwood
Carrie Horscovici
Kourtney Kaas
Jennifer Moore
Matthew Reyes
Amber Sealy

according to the website, classes supposedly started today, may 22nd, but since i haven't received an email blast from matt nor anyone associated with the studio, it may just be a test schedule.

*** update: the opening date still has to be announced (and the generic schedule is now listed here)

i'll post more info when i hear more.

let the party begin!