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Monday, May 15, 2006

youthAIDS benefit updates

ever since my post last week about the youthAIDS benefit at yoga works montana this saturday, may 20th, i've found out that there have been a few updates to the schedule. for one thing, some of the advertised teachers have been changed; the list of new teachers is now online. also, some of the sponsors will be giving away gifts at selected classes only, so if there's a specific vendor you're interested in, you might want to attend the class it will be sponsoring.

here's the revised schedule as of may 15th:

7:30am-8:55amYoga Works (1)Roberta LombardiWild Oats, Guayaki Yerba Mate
7:30am-9:00amYoga Works (2&3)Sonya CottleWild Oats, Guayaki Yerba Mate
9:00am-10:25amYoga Works (2)Natasha RizopoulosJurlique
9:00am-10:35amIyengar (2&3)Garth McLean (was Paul Cabanis)Jurlique
10:30am-11:55amYoga Works (1&2)Roberta LombardiHugger Mugger
10:45am-12:10pmVinyasa Flow (2&3)Jesse SteinHugger Mugger
12:00pm-1:00pmYoga for Kids (3-7)Greville Henwoodbabystyle, Wild Oats
12:30pm-1:55pmYoga Works (2)Krista Foster (was Joan Hyman)Moonstruck Chocolates, Wild Oats
1:15pm-2:45pmPrenatal YogaAlexandra Lauterio (was Lisa Levitt)babystyle, Homemade Baby
2:00pm-3:30pmIyengar (1&2)Larry Heliker (was Marla Apt)Prana
3:00pm-4:30pmBeginner's YogaRoberta LombardiYoga Works
4:00pm-5:25pmYoga Works (1)Emily MaupinDhaba, Loved Dog
5:15pm-6:45pmYoga Works (1&2)Ambre Lee (was Nate Brewer)Cheese Impresario, Dhaba, Lotion Glow
5:30pm-6:55pmVinyasa Flow (2)Arthur JeonCheese Impresario, Dhaba, Lotion Glow
7:30pm-10:00pmYouthAIDS benefitSeane Corn, Hala Khouri, Ashley Turner, Julian Walker, Suzanne Sterling 

both yogi times and fiji water will be sponsoring the entire day's events.

all classes at the montana location on that day will be FREE, except for the evening benefit event which has a suggested donation of $25.

watch this space for more updates, if i hear of any...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know - Does the evening event include classes or is it a party of some sort?

3:22 PM  
Blogger joni said...

the 7:30pm benefit event is a yoga class that will be team-taught by the four yoga instructors. if it's anything like the event at sacred movement last month, there will also be some time for free-form movement and kirtan chanting. i guess you could consider it a party, with all the guests dancing, singing, and doing yoga :)

7:00 PM  

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