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Friday, June 30, 2006

an interesting development

in a recent post, after having taken a few bikram classes and deciding that i didn't particularly care for the heat nor being yelled at, i mentioned something about wanting to take maybe just one more bikram class with choudhury himself, just to find out what it was like. while it may have been tricky trying to find out exactly when he would be teaching a class at his world headquarters, it wouldn't have been impossible because that studio was located right here in los angeles.

based on this article in today's los angeles times, it may take more than just a car ride for me to get to his class if i keep putting it off:

L.A. Accuses Yoga Guru of Safety Violations
Officials target Bikram Choudhury's studio. The magnate accuses the city of harassing him.

By Andrew Blankstein and Jessica Garrison, Times Staff Writers
June 30, 2006

Over the last 20 years, controversial Los Angeles yoga magnate Bikram Choudhury has turned his signature brand of "hot" yoga into a worldwide, multimillion-dollar industry.But it was Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo who turned up the heat Thursday, charging the popular yogi with 10 criminal safety violations at his La Cienega Boulevard studio.

Delgadillo said Choudhury repeatedly flouted notices from the city's fire and building and safety departments that his converted warehouse studio had insufficient fire exits for the number of its students.

Inspectors in April found 160 people squeezed into a space with a maximum capacity of 49, said Deputy City Atty. Eric Rosenblatt, who is handling the case.

"Los Angeles is not known as a place that has fires in warehouses and we would like to keep it that way," Delgadillo said.

Choudhury, in a phone interview from Bangkok, Thailand, where he is opening a studio, said he was the victim of a five-year campaign of harassment by employees of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. He also said that he had had it with Los Angeles and was moving the world headquarters of his Yoga College of India to Honolulu.

"Thanks a lot, L.A.," he said. "I've made up my mind."

(the rest of the article can be found at:


well, it doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon, because the next teacher training program's already scheduled to be held here in LA in september:

The Training will take place at Bikram Yoga College of India - International Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. We are currently accepting applications for the Fall Session 2006 which begins on September 17 to November 18, 2006.

Enrollment in the training is limited. We urge you to apply early. Tuition is $6,000.00 plus an additional $100.00 for student fees. Dormitory housing and transportation to the Yoga College are available for $2,100.00. A deposit of $3,100.00 is required for your application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Your full tuition amount must be paid in full by August 15, 2006.

maybe i should look into taking that bikram class as soon as he gets back from thailand...