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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

writer's block

i'm finally back in town! i've just returned from an event-filled eleven days in the philippines, where i juggled what little time i had among family, friends, sightseeing, shopping, and of course, yoga.

i was so busy running around that i barely had enough time to read email (last i checked, my unread message count hovered around 200!). so as far as yogablogging, all i could do was make copious mental notes of each class i took, with the intent of putting them all together in one big post when i returned. now that i'm back home though, all those snippets seem to be lost (temporarily, i hope) in a mental haze. after all, it's been just over 12 hours since i cleared customs at LAX after a 27 HOUR flight from manila (which included a 12 hour layover in seoul). is it any wonder why my brain refuses to function?

anyway, after failing that task, i decided to focus my attention instead on planning the classes i was going to take for the coming week. and just when i'd thought i was starting to make headway, i somehow happened across the website of anahata yoga school, one of the yoga studios i had visited during my recent trip to providence. to my surprise, i found this message:

I'm sorry to announce that Anahata is closing permanently.
There is an Amrit Yoga School open at 14 Bartlett St in Cranston called Santosha Yoga School. To speak with them about schedule information call 465-8865.
Or check out Sun Salutations Yoga Studio in Lincoln at 840 Smithfield Ave. You can speak to Amy at 632-7254.
For Divya's classes call 273-3883.
Or to speak with former director Megan Tanuja Stone call 401-954-3429.
Thanks for your patience and please accept my sincerest apologies!

was this the same place i'd been to? i could've sworn that just a mere two weeks ago, their website announced:

Anahata Yoga School is pleased to announce that we are moving!
As of June 12th we will start classes in our beautiful new location: 14 Bartlett St (at the corner of Broad St and Warwick Ave in Cranston, a mere 10 minutes from the Point St Bridge!) To encourage you to join us in our new adventure we are offering a special discounted package of 6 classes in 6 weeks for $60 or 7 classes in 10 weeks for $99!

what happened?!?!?

i think i need to get some sleep. hopefully, in the morning, i'll find out that this was all just a bad dream...