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Thursday, May 25, 2006

my practice so far

i really have nothing better to talk about tonight, so since it's been almost two months since i last posted the list of classes i've taken, i may as well do that now. in the interest of space, rather than fill in my usual grid with the dates, teachers, studios, etc., i'll just summarize the styles of yoga i've practiced since that last post and the teachers who've led me along my yogic journey:

hatha / vinyasa flow:
saul david raye (sacred movement)
kishan shah (santa monica yoga)
erich schiffmann (sacred movement)
julian walker (santa monica yoga, yoga groove collective events)
hala khouri (sacred movement, yoga groove collective events)
leslie (self-realization fellowship)
christine burke (liberation yoga)
seane corn (yoga groove collective events)
liza savage-katz (exhale santa monica)
shiva rea (sacred movement)
mela butcher (yogaworks main street) *
kathleen kastner (maha yoga)
brock cahill (yogaworks main street) *
tracy krosnoff (sacred movement)
james brown (yogaworks montana) *
joan hyman (yogaworks larchmont) *
pj haring (sacred movement)

jane alpert (power yoga east)
ashley turner (power yoga west*, yoga groove collective events)
bryan kest (power yoga east)
vytas baskauskas (power yoga east)
kristin (power yoga west) *
andrea marcum (u studio) *
ally hamilton (power yoga west) *
rudy mettia (power yoga west) *
aras baskauskas (maha yoga)

chris stein (iyengar institute) *

guru jagat kaur (yoga west)

light (maha yoga)
matt reyes (yogamatt, lululemon event*)
tom morley (maha yoga)
jennifer galardi (lululemon event) *
eka ekong (lululemon event) *
kourtney kaas (lululemon event) *
missy costello (lululemon event) *
david romanelli (exhale santa monica)

stephen dean (still yoga) *
city yoga teacher trainees (city yoga) *
noah maze (city yoga) *
stuart hanna (mission street yoga) *

aaron reed (sacred movement)
saraswati browne (yogaworks montana) *

jodi blumstein (karuna yoga) *
gary margolin (home simply yoga) *

* FREE classes (work/study or intro offer)

i've logged a total of 36 yoga studios into my platial map, with seven of them added on since the beginning of april. despite that large number, it's hard to believe that i still have many more to visit before i can claim to have visited every yoga studio in LA. for one thing, i haven't even started hitting the south bay sites, nor have i taken a single bikram class at any of the franchise locations. not only that, but TWO more yoga studios will be opening up here on the westside next month -- yogahop in santa monica and progressive power yoga in brentwood!

i still have a long road ahead of me, don't i?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the Leslie you met?

11:01 AM  
Blogger joni said...

hi anon --

while it may have been quite interesting to have taken a yoga class with leslie van houten, i seriously doubt it was her, unless they finally let her out on parole :)

1:42 PM  

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