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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

on the road again

sometime around this same time tomorrow, i'll be en route to providence, RI to attend the graduation of my older daughter from college (and to those who read my previous post: it was my younger daughter who graduated from high school last weekend. so that makes it two graduations in two different states in two weeks! cue elgar... and don't forget the waterproof mascara!)

anyway, during the four days that i'll be out of town, i plan to take two (!!) yoga classes. and unlike my last trip, where i accompanied my younger one on her "so which college do i really want to go to?" tour and ended up doing absolutely NO yoga at all, i intend to make good on this plan. for one thing, i already know which yoga studios i'll be going to. i've even printed out their class schedules so i that i know exactly where i have to be and when.

it wasn't hard to come up with my short list of two studios. first i consulted yogafinder.com to find a list of studios in providence. of the six that came up, three had no websites listed. of the three that were left, one supposedly had two locations (one in pawtucket and one in providence) but its one schedule neglected to indicate which classes were taught where. so that left me with the two i'm going to visit:

anahata yoga school
191 nashua street, providence, RI
(401) 274-5876
website: www.anahatayogaschool.com

eyes of the world yoga
1 park row, providence, RI
(401) 295-5002
website: www.innerhappiness.com

and just to make sure i wasn't looking at the websites of non-existent studios (it does happen, you know), i emailed them and was happy to receive some very welcoming responses.

i had hoped to take a class with paul jerard at aura yoga in north providence (just a little bit farther away); after all, i have a link to his blog, yoga teacher training, on my blogsite. unfortunately, the only class that fit my schedule was a restorative on thursday evening. and being the obsessive-compulsive yogist that i am, i needed something more strenous to make up for the missing days of yoga :( on second thought, maybe i should print out and take that third schedule with me, just in case?

i'll report back on my experiences when i return...


Blogger shinyyoga said...

great entry! i love trying out new yoga schools and teachers - in fact, i'm on a mini-yoga tour around my city at the moment!

looking forward to hearing the updates :)

5:20 PM  

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