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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

who links to me?

compared to others in the blogging world, i'm still relatively new at this. i know i'm no media darling, although when i think about what paris hilton has done to get to where she is today (which is pretty much nothing, unless you count accidentally getting your private porn video released or your phone contact list hacked), it seems like i should have no problem becoming a household name. realistically though, i know i'll have to prove myself first -- either that, or be involved in a scandal -- before i find fame (and/or notoriety?).

and hopefully, given some time, i'll find a way to make a living off all this writing. or at least earn some free yoga classes, clothing, and other fun things :)

so i find it very flattering when other websites make reference to my blogsite. to them, i send my deepest thanks for sending readers my way. please keep them coming!

from blogher, dated april 4th, 2006:

Blogging Yoga

The popularity of yoga is undeniable. Research varies, but it is estimated that from 15 to 28 million people practice yoga in the United States alone. And with good cause. Yoga "asanas," or postures, benefit the body physically, mentally and spiritually. Besides keeping fit, yoga is being used to treat HIV/AIDS, depression, heart disease, cancer and anxiety disorders. So who's blogging about it?

the accidental yogist, as the name implies, finds herself unexpectedly exploring yoga after a knee injury.

from ohmtastic, dated may 8th, 2006:

More McYoga

Joni, the Accidental Yogist, wrote in with this comment:

"just in case you were curious about the contents of that yoga DVD, you might want to check this out".

Who'd have thought McDonald's would come up with a bilingual (poorly) animated yogini??

from iyogalife, dated may 2006:

Blogs Discover Secret of YogaLife

The Accidental Yogist reads our YogaLife Line newsletter.

from the u studio website, dated may 2006:

*** Here's what they're saying about U Studio

from we like yoga, dated may 27th, 2006 (this is the archived version; the original was lost in a server crash):

yoga for belly dancers, rappers, surfers or just anybody

From NY to LA, if you are looking for a yoga studio in Los Angeles, head over to the Accidental Yogist. She accidentaly got into yoga and is discovering and blogging about the LA yoga scene.

from lifestyle filter, dated july 17th 2006:

Everybody Say Om

If you're interested in a yogi's perspective on classes, practicing, and just life in Los Angeles, check out The Accidental Yogist: "It seems that i've recently been spending a lot of time partying and schmoozing, all in the name of yoga. The ancient gurus are probably turning in their graves at the thought of yoga being turned into a social event, but then again, this is LA."

and many more thanks to all my fellow yoga bloggers who've added links to my website in their own sites:

diane at everything yoga

peter at mahamondo

richard at open window yoga

and stella at shinyruby

it may not be much, but it's a start!


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You have a great blog! You should be famous!

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