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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

returning the favor

it thrills me to no end whenever i come across another blog site that gives a nod in my direction. so to return the favor, i'm passing along the links to these kind bloggers:

liz barker, who posted this on the thisnext blog last oct 12th, 2006:

Be a yogi...or just look like one
... Still, my personal fave in yoga wear is still American Apparel, also a brand of choice for The Accidental Yogist (who says her sweatshop-free cami-and-yoga-pant combo helped her to look like an “honest-to-goodness yoga student” when she was still brand-new to the mat)...

"words and steel", a fellow filipina, at the cult of pop,
who includes a link to my site but doesn't have anything to say about it. at least not yet.

and greg rzeczko at monster blog sack,
who added my blog to the "religion and spirituality" category last aug 24th, 2006 and gave it a "stainless steel sack" rating (just one down from the highest "colossal diamond cutter sack" rating. woo hoo!)