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Sunday, December 17, 2006

moving forward

as i mentioned in yesterday's post, yoga garden studios in santa monica will be closing its doors after sherry gould's 3-5pm class on sunday, december 31st. for those of you who've been students of sherry, ida unger, and the other teachers at the garden, this recent email from ida will help you find your favorite teacher(s) after the close:

I am pleased to present you with many options for continued yoga studies beyond the garden.
Please let the teacher know you are interested and get full details of their schedule, cost, and location from them.

Gitta teaches daily, Monday-Friday, at Santa Monica College, Emeritus Program, (310) 434-4306. Classes are free, and you must pre-register for each quarter of the year, in one or two of her three classes. Her classes are at 9 am Monday mornings, 2 pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 8:30 am Wednesday and Friday mornings. She will be in Hawaii for most of the winter session; however, Doug Dee will sub for her classes. She will return to teaching at Emeritus on February 9, 2007.

SHERRY GOULD, (323) 823-1344
Sherry will continue to teach both 4 & 6 pm Mon/Wed classes as well as the 4:30 pm Sunday class from a place she's renting space from in Culver City. If you don't see her in classes before year's end, please contact her directly for details.

DOUG DEE, yogidoug@hotmail.com
Doug will teach his Saturday 10 am class at Eric Small's Beverly Hills Iyengar Yoga Institute.
In addition, Doug teaches Wednesday nights at 7 pm, Santa Monica College, Community & Continiuing Education program, (310) 434-3400. Next session begins January 3, 2007.

JENNIFER EDWARDS, yogamagic@sbcglobal.net
Jennifer will teach out of her home studio in Culver City and will be adding classes to match her classes here, Wednesday and Saturday mornings. She also has a class Tuesday evenings at 7 pm at her home, and teaches at Santa Monica Yoga, Monday nights at 7:30 pm.

KOREN PAALMAN, Koren@moontribe.org
Koren teaches out of her home in Venice, and may be open to adding a Friday class to continue from here. In the meantime, she teaches Wednesday nights at her studio. She is taking her certification exam this weekend. Good luck, Koren.

JUDITH LUTZ, judelutz@gmail.com
Judith is pursuing options for an evening class and a Saturday class. Please let her know of your interest.

ANDREA ISCO, number17@wgn.net
Andrea will mainly be teaching in the Alhambra area. Please be in touch with her via e-mail.

IDA UNGER, iunger@yogagardenstudios.com
Will continue to offer the incredible weekend at Spa-Yoga experience. The next retreat will be June 1-3, 2007. In addition, I will teach two Sunday workshops at Santa Monica Yoga (dates and topics to be announced). I hope to teach in the neighborhood on Sundays, but as yet have not found the right location. The search process has shown me I need time off to digest the huge changes, before I begin fresh. I will keep you posted as things develop.

As you may have heard, my plan is to move to the Glendale area, at least for a few years. While I am still in Santa Monica (possibly one month, maybe as long as six months), I will offer private yoga at the studio. Furthermore, you all are invited to continue to use the studio to practice. I will put out a donation jar. If you would like to stop by to visit the dogs, they would love it. However, please arrange studio time or dog visits with me at (310) 450-0133, or by e-mail at iunger@yogagardenstudios.com, at least one day in advance.

Ida Unger