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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the hybridization of yoga

Sacred Energy Arts
220 Pier Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 403-3124
website: www.sacredenergyarts.com

We offer Yoga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and more - over 20 classes weekly!

in what seems to be an attempt to draw more people to yoga studios, many yoga instructors are creating yoga hybrid classes, blending elements of two or more physical activities which complement each other.

for example, if you have a background in dance, a yoga booty ballet class at swerve might be what you're looking for: "Yoga Booty Ballet is a dynamic fusion of yoga, booty sculpting, and dance that will make you feel strong, confident, and beautiful! The workouts are so fun, you won't believe you're also losing weight and sculpting long, lean muscles."

if you can't decide between taking a pilates mat class or a yoga class, a yogalates class at glendale yoga will let you do both at the same time: "Pilates mat work designed to strengthen, stretch and tone the entire body combined with complimentary yoga sequences and stretches."

if you're a obsessive ab-cruncher, you might find the core yoga flow class at your neighborhood studio worth a look-see: "Yoga postures specifically sequenced for strengthening your core muscles. Learn specific techniques for decreasing back pain while strengthening the abdominal wall. Improve posture as you increase total body strength, joint mobility, and flexibility."

and if the thought of furiously pedalling away to burn off calories excites you, you'll be able to do that plus a post-cycle stretch at a yoga and spinning class at YAS: "The YAS class is a Yoga hybrid combination of the intense cardio of Spinning and the more relaxing and meditative element of Yoga, which was developed by YAS's founder kimberly fowler. The YAS classes consist of 1/2 hour of Spinning and a 1/2 hour of Yoga."

and now there's another yoga hybrid in town, this time for martial arts enthusiasts: sacred energy arts yoga flow with matthew cohen at his new studio, sacred energy arts. according to the studio's website: "This practice builds strength, flexibility, and increased awareness. Experience a greater sense of inner peace, calm, and vitality. This practice integrates Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Martial Arts and Healing in a way that is once accessible and powerful."

thanks to evan kopelson, aka yogiev, i heard about this new space just in time for the king day holiday. i had that monday off from work, and since matthew wasn't teaching his martial arts-inpired class that day, i ended up taking what turned out to be a private (yay!) vinyasa flow class with jo tastula. jo and aaron reed (another sacred energy arts instructor) also teach a few blocks away at sacred movement (aka exhale venice), a yoga studio where matthew used to teach his signature classes before this new venture.

sacred energy arts is located at the corner of pier and 2nd street in santa monica, just a few doors down from the novel cafe, a great place to grab a post-class steaming hot cappuccino, iced blended green tea, or fresh lemonade. while the studio's high ceiling makes the small space feel much larger than it actually is, it also made it difficult to heat up the room on the unusually cold and windy morning i was there. this minor issue can easily be addressed, however, by either adding more space heaters or more bodies. i'm sure, though, that once word starts getting around about this studio that's been open only about a month, the bodies will come. problem solved.

besides yoga, sacred energy also offers chi kung, tai chi, kung fu, and circuit workout classes. classes are held monday thru friday; the weekends are pretty much reserved for martial arts and yoga workshops -- including an upcoming kirtan night with dave stringer -- as well as meditation and taoist yoga philosophy classes.

so what's next in the yoga hybrid world? how about yogolf, where you mindfully walk the course and do a sun salutation (a or b, your choice) every time you complete a hole? sounds like a great way to get fit and toned while you work off your frustration from missed shots!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post and comments. hope to see you in class sometime soon pls come as my guest. my friday class is theraputics and sat is a transition class for beg to mixed level. cheers, hillary

9:52 AM  
Blogger joni said...

thanks, hillary! i look forward to practicing with you soon...

11:45 AM  

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