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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

pssst... wanna buy a yoga studio?

it's gotten to the point where i now dread opening up email from yoga studios, fearing bad news. just in the last few days, i've read heartfelt goodbyes from studio owners who've had to close their doors. and today, i just received another one. this one came from joa and crina of illumination yoga, who have to shut down their studio because they're moving out of town:

We are so sorry to inform you that we are going out of business at the end of this month. We have landed new work opportunities in Northern California, where we really want to live. While the studio business had been growing steadily, the rate was not fast enough to keep us here.
You have been wonderful to us. Thank you for sharing this journey with us homeward. We will remember you, and if we are fortunate to get the Illumination Business transferred, we hope to visit for occasional special events.

and this where you (or someone you know) comes in to "save" the studio:

We are committed to doing everything in our power to find new owners to replace us, those who truly are committed to the Spirit of Yoga. If you want Illumination Yoga to continue, you can help pass the word by cutting and pasting the following blurb into some e-mails to your yoga friends who might like to have this business. Thanks!

Illumination yoga in Tarzana is closing its doors, unless you want this business for free. You get the rental of a beautiful 1400 square foot studio with bamboo floors and lots of natural light, over 100 clients, a beautiful website (www.illuminationyoga.com), Newsletter, mailing list, logo, and complete ownership of the corporation. We have dissolved all debt. This 8 month old business is on the growth path, but we unexpectedly landed other opportunities in Northern California. In return, we get back our rent deposit from the property owner, and the satisfaction of keeping yoga alive in an area that needs it. To learn more please call us at 818-758-9808 or 323-632-9213.

i'd been to illumination just once during its brief existence. i had taken crina's hatha flow class, then stayed to attend the concert with girish later that evening.

the studio is truly a lovely space. it sits on the second floor of a strip mall, away from the street noise, and high enough that lots of light streams in through the windows during the day. it's conveniently located on ventura blvd in tarzana, between woodland hills and encino. if i remember correctly, there was ample parking in the lots in front of and behind the building.

if you're interested in setting up a yoga studio in the san fernando valley, look no further. i've heard too many horror stories of studio renovation projects that had gone way over budget. if illumination still looks the way i remember it to be, this place is in mint move-in condition. you could literally open for business the day after you're handed the keys.

and for those of you who still have classes left on your passes, you have until the end of this month to use them; they are non-refundable, and unless a new owner chooses to honor them, they are also non-transferable.

so please tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on...