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Saturday, March 10, 2007

losing sleep

my running group will be holding its post-marathon celebration later this evening. and as in many years past, not only do i look forward to partying with the friends that i've been training with this year, but i also enjoy going out of sheer curiosity. after all, it's always fun to find out what all those sweaty runners look like when they're showered, shaved, and have all their clothes on :) it's still a bit of a shock whenever i first walk into the room and witness the sea of neckties and stiletto heels, but after i mentally re-clothe everyone in coolmax singlets and running shoes, i eventually figure out who's who. and once the ties are loosened and the heels are kicked off when everyone hits the dance floor, it's almost like saturday morning all over again, with bodies moving around, having a great time.

ah, good times.

i can already predict that it's going to be another sleep-deprived night for me. yes, there's a chance i could party until the hotel staff shoos us out and closes the doors (which i've done a number of times). there's also a good chance that i'll have to drive all the way to orange county after the party to visit my my sister and her ailing cat (the apple of her eye, the love of her life, her reason for being -- with apologies to my brother-in-law, who'd like to think that i've just described him).

and if that weren't bad enough, we'll be losing an hour on the clock tonight. yes, unless you've been too busy meditating and working on your levitation skills, daylight saving time starts this sunday, march 11th. and yes, it's earlier than usual; three weeks earlier. thank the energy policy act of 2005. i won't go into details; you can read all the sordid details of the why, when, and how of daylight saving time here.

and honestly, the only downside of it starting in march instead of april is that, unless you've changed all the software behind any device you use that's controlled by a clock, there's a chance you could experience your own version of a mini-Y2K (and you remember how crazed everyone was about that). runners will be late for their races this sunday. churchgoers will be late for services. yoga students (maybe even me) will be late for class. but wait, there's more. the time stamp on all your transactions (ATM, email, etc.) will be wrong. your travel plans could go haywire if flight arrival/departure times aren't synchronized. your video recorders will record the wrong shows. and unless you reset your alarm clock, there's a good chance you'll be late for work on monday. and i'm sure you won't be the only one.

speaking of being late, i have to hop in the shower. the party starts in a couple of hours and i still have no clue what i'm going to wear tonight. maybe i'll wear something short so that people will at least recognize me by my legs :)

ah, good times...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it is time to come out of lurk mode. Congratulations on completing the LA Marathon! I love your blog. I'm a yogi in Syracuse, currently nursing a broken bone in my foot so I can do neither yoga or go for a run (I'm training for a 15K in July). But I love your site and really appreciate all of the news you post about the LA yoga scene--even if I can't take advantage of it. Many thanks.

8:02 PM  
Blogger joni said...

hi jennifer --

yay! another reader finally says hi :)

luckily for you, bones heal much faster than ligaments do (at least most of the time). i had a bunionectomy in late may '95, and i was able to resume marathon training two months later -- although i did have to start with much lower mileage just to make sure i didn't reinjure my still-healing foot.

you can keep up your endurance by aqua jogging until you're able to pound the pavement once again. good luck!

1:14 AM  

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