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Thursday, March 01, 2007

passing along an invite...

since i missed hillary's inversions workshop last sunday, i'm making up for it by passing along the invite she sent me earlier today. after all, she did ask me to tell a friend :)


please come & do yoga for FREE! in santa monica at the Lululemon store, www.lululemon.com/santamonica/santamonicablvd

with me - Hillary Rubin

class is from 7-8pm

Parking on 4th in parking structure and we could have a bite at RFD!!

invite your friends & spread the love as we move the racks to the side and flow with the ocean doing our sun salutations.

FREE! water provided by Liquid Om

love see you there as this is a step for me onto the west side to share the teachings of yoga.

bring a friend or tell a friend who is over there....

with love & joy,

see you at lulu santa monica this coming wednesday!