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Saturday, February 10, 2007

that was quick!

i first heard about urban bliss yoga sometime last month, probably through one of the free yoga magazines i had picked up along the way. urban bliss was located at cool baby, a kids' art and movement place, which was on pico near la cienega. since it was neither near my home nor near my office, i remember checking the class schedule anyway, but after finding no class that fit into my evening nor weekend schedule, i bookmarked their website as a reminder to check again another day.

well today was that day, and to my surprise, this is what i found on their website:

Urban Bliss Yoga Closes it's Doors
It is with a heavy heart that Urban Bliss Yoga closes it's doors. Ayn Carrillo, the owner of Cool Baby and Urban Bliss Yoga will continue to offer prenatal, toddler and kid yoga classes, through Cool Baby.
(The Parent & Walking Toddler class that was part of Urban Bliss Yoga will continue to be offered, by Cool Baby, at the same time and place).

If you have purchased a series of classes for an Urban Bliss Yoga class that has been discontinued
and you have not recieved your refunded yet, please contact Cool Baby at coolbaby@mac.com or call 323. 935.3084.

huh??? they couldn't have been open more than a couple of months!

but then again, my initial impression of the place was that it primarily offered classes for kids and babies, with adult yoga classes thrown in just to give the moms something to do while their offspring were doing their own thing.

but since i've never been there, i really don't know what happened, and i guess i'll never know since urban bliss yoga is now closed...


Blogger Zentropy said...

This was the article.

I was all ready to check out such a class (yoga for singles). It's a great idea and sounds rather interesting! :)

Culver City, CA

6:57 PM  

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