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Sunday, February 04, 2007

a hopeless chocoholic

during the last two weeks of january, in an effort to lose the weight i had gained during the holidays and my recent 50-day celebration, i put myself on a restricted eating plan. rather than follow any of the popular diets on the market today, i devised a plan that was simple and somewhat sensible: besides eating smaller portions, all i had to do was avoid red meat (no hamburgers, no beef tacos, no lasagna), dairy (no pizza, no cheese and crackers, no pinkberry fro-yo), and chocolate (no candy bars, no chocolate chip cookies, no brownies). giving up the meat and dairy wasn't as hard as i thought it would be, but being the chocoholic that i am, having to give up chocolate was agonizing!

so when i found out that david romanelli was going to hold another of his yoga and chocolate workshops at exhale santa monica on february 3rd -- well past my self-imposed chocolate fast -- i immediately signed up a week before the event to take advantage of the early bird discount.

what i didn't realize at the time, though, was that my running group had scheduled its longest LA marathon training run the same morning as the workshop. all i could think about was the blissful tasting of chocolate before, during, and after the yoga asanas. a few days before the class, it finally dawned on me that after running close to a marathon distance, there was a good chance that i would be too exhausted to do anything more strenuous than child pose... but since nothing was going to get between me and my chocolate, there was no way i was going to cancel out of the class!

long story short, i did manage to complete my planned 20-mile run that morning. and as insane as it sounds, i did show up for david's workshop four hours later.

while it's safe to say that i was pretty much brain-dead for most of the class, i do remember a few things. like the burst of curry and coconut that tickled my tastebuds when i bit into the vosges haut-chocolat naga truffle at the start of the class. and the oh-so-familiar scent that wafted up my nostrils when i held a cup with cocoa nibs up to my nose midway through our practice. and the rich taste of taleggio cheese and vanilla bean in the rooster truffle that i relished right after savasana. and oh yes, there was dave's signature yoga and music (and since i ran at a conservative pace, i had enough energy to get through the entire class, vinyasas and all)...

my only disappointment was that there wasn't more chocolate tasting involved during the two-hour class. however, since our class was smaller than usual, we were given the opportunity to help ourselves to seconds after class was over. and in my case, thirds :) mmmm... heaven!

as we left the studio after class, we were each given a goodie bag containing a candy bar (honestly, i was expecting more), a vosges catalog, and a workshop feedback form (with the offer of a 10% discount on a catalog purchase if turned in). later, as i browsed through the glossy pages of the catalog, i came across this gift item (description from the vosges website):

Yoga + Chocolate Chakra Gift Box

Free your mind with exotic truffles paired with the 7 chakras and a yoga guidebook.

According to the yogis, 7 chakras or wheels of energy exist in every human being. Katrina and David will take you on a tour of the 7 chakras shedding light on their meaning while teaching how to stimulate each chakra through both a specific yoga posture and a Vosges truffle. The Yoga + Chocolate Chakra box includes 7 truffles (1 for each chakra) and a guide book by David Romanelli with quotes, fun insight and helpful illustrations. Free your mind with exotic truffles, music inspiration and a quenching yoga class. All three powerful experiences in one small box. Take the journey...

To download the music or to learn more about David and his message, classes and workshops, check out www.YeahDaveYoga.com.

Truffle Flavors:
Wattleseed - milk chocolate + wattleseeds (have a flavor of chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, and vanilla)
Red Fire - dark chocolate + Ceylon cinnamon + ancho chili powder
Naga - milk chocolate + sweet Indian curry powder + coconut
Quandong - dark chocolate + quandong (a wild Australian fruit with a tart apricot flavor) + topped with rosella powder
Black Pearl - dark chocolate + ginger + wasabi + black sesame seeds
Tlan Nacu - dark chocolate + Mexican vanilla bean
Buddha's Leaf - dark chocolate + Malaysian pandan leaves (taste like vanilla wafer and pine nuts) + cocoa powder

now that's a yoga and chocolate experience! maybe i'll reward myself with this extravagance once i lose those last few pounds...