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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

yoga swapping

just when it started to look like big yoga was taking over all the little yoga studios in town, a band of merry yogis and yoginis decided to form an alliance of their own: Yoga S.W.A.P.!

here's what i found on the black dog yoga site:

Yoga S.W.A.P (Studios With Access Privileges)™
Special Feature for those with an Annual Pass. Just an additional $17/month gets you unlimited access to the following studios:
Bala Yoga
Mission Street Yoga
Santa Monica Yoga
Silverlake Yoga
and of course, Black Dog Yoga

and considering that bala and yoga inside out just merged recently, that's almost like getting access to six studios for the price of one!

just think -- if you live in santa monica and want a weekend class, you can go to santa monica yoga. and if you work in the valley and want to practice after work, you can go to black dog in sherman oaks. and if you have friends and relatives to visit across town, you can go to bala/yio on la brea, silverlake in silverlake (duh), and mission street in south pas. hey wait... that's me :)

none of the other studios have posted their rates on their websites; i'll keep checking and get back to you when they do...

according to a news item in the february issue of LA yoga,
"... Students with a monthly pass for any of these four (sic) studios will be part of a reciprocal program with access privileges at any of the other studios in the program. Can't get across town or home from work with traffic? A monthly unlimited at Santa Monica Yoga will allow students to drop into classes at Black Dog when they're in the Valley, or at Mission Street in Pasadena. Bala Yoga's Ginny Beal (btw, it's Biddle) said the idea's been percolating for a while; the new year brings new fruition to the concept..."

a kickoff event will be at bala on february 24th; here's more info i found on Fontain's M.U.S.E. calendar page:

Feb. 24th, Saturday, 8:45 pm-midnight + HOLLYWOOD BABY!
tickets: http://www.beatmagic.org/balatickets.htm

Who: Spirit Moves and Bala Yoga hosts a launch party for YOGA SWAP & the association of Ross Rayburn and Bala Yoga
What: Spirit Moves: Barefoot Dancing, Performance and Sound Meditation
When: Saturday, February 24, 2007 9:00 p.m. - midnight (doors open at 8:45pm)
Where: BALA YOGA, 145 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (west Hollywood)
Cost: $10 ~snacks and beverages included

More Information:
Spirit Moves: www.Tonehenge.com, or Peter at (310) 399-6784
Bala Yoga: (323)939-6424/Balayoga.net

Free Parking (enter from alley behind studio and up the ramp)
dress~ casual, inspire with your attire
All ages welcome

YOGA SWAP: independent yoga studios (Black Dog, Santa Monica Yoga, Bala Yoga, Mission Street Yoga and Silverlake Yoga) launch an alliance offering reciprocal membership privileges. ROSS RAYBURN and BALA YOGA form an association at Bala Yoga on La Brea, Hollywood

Music, Art, and Dance Lineup:
8:45 pm - Doors Open
9:00 - Energy Awareness Chi Gong with Aaron (www.Zaadz.com)
9:45 - Mesmerizing Bellydance with MESMERA (www.Mesmera.com)
10:15 - Fontain's M.U.S.E. Bay Area trance formational dance band (www.beatmagic.org)
11:00 - Jeff Stott - 6 Degrees recording artist (Jefstott.com) Midnight - Mystic Pete, Profound Sound Meditation (www.MysticPete.com)

Also featured: Vanesa Martinelli - Visionary Artist (www.Vanesamartinelli.com)
And more to come!!!

Sponsored by www.Zaadz.com