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Thursday, April 19, 2007

my eco tour continues...

after making some changes to my prior post on still yoga, i've decided to split this day off so that it wouldn't get lost in that long write-up. so if it looks familiar, it is. but keep reading, because more studios follow...

earth-friendly yoga, day four:
vinyasa flow 2/3 with kishan shah at truyoga

there's been enough press in the yoga journals about the recent opening of truyoga, a studio with sustainable-harvest floors, recycled ceilings and walls, and pressed newspaper pulp countertops. and yes, even i wrote about truyoga after i visited it for the first time.

the strange thing is that, just like still yoga, you could drive right past the building where truyoga is located and not know that it's there. in fact, i drive by the building everyday, and if it weren't for all the ads and articles that i find in the magazines, i wouldn't have known that there was a great yoga studio just around the corner from where i live.

truyoga's in the yahoo! center, right at the corner of colorado ave and 26th st in santa monica. if you're driving to it, enter from the colorado side and drive into the underground parking, where you can valet park for FREE. find the elevator for the 2425 colorado building and take the elevator up to the street level (ground? plaza? i can't remember...). the yoga studio is located right across from the food court.

since it's located in an office complex, i can only assume that most of their students come from the surrounding offices, either on their way to work, during their lunch break, or before they head home. it also draws gymrats from the trifit club next door; although even if truyoga and trifit are related, members still have to pay to take a yoga class. but then again, they do get free parking :)

then on wednesday...

earth-friendly yoga, day five:
level 1/2 class with sasha papovich at home simply yoga
tristan and isolde at the disney concert hall

i had it all planned out. i was going to visit home simply yoga and take sasha's class after my physical therapy appointment. but before i could leave for that appointment, i received a phone call from my good friend BDB with an offer i couldn't refuse: how would i like to be his guest at the concert hall for LA phil's performance of tristan and isolde, parts I, II, AND III? of course i would, i quickly responded, especially since i tried to buy tickets earlier this month and they were already sold out!

so did i make the right decision, choosing to spend over FIVE hours listening to a tragic love story instead of following through with my original plan? you bet i did! besides, while i'll always be able to take another class at home simply yoga, i may not ever get a chance to listen to this multimedia version (complete with full frontal nudity -- in the video, not the live performers) of wagner's opera in its entirety again!

like i've said before, i have my priorities :)

on thursday, it was out to the silverlake area once again for...

earth-friendly yoga, day six:
all-levels yoga with keric morinaga at urth yoga

while i know i'm doing a good thing this week by supporting and helping to promote the "greener" yoga studios in town, i also know that i'm doing the environment itself a disservice by driving twenty miles or so just to take a yoga class :(

i considered taking the bus from the office to silverlake, but not only would it take an hour longer to get there than by car, but assuming i could even catch a bus back to the office after class ended, i would then have to drive 20 more minutes from there to get home. which means that i would be walking through my front door at almost midnight.

now you know why people just don't take public transportation around here.

anyway, it had been almost four months since my last visit to urth, and like still yoga less than two miles up the street, it primarily caters to locals, but since sunset blvd is a busy thoroughfare for commuters to/from downtown, there are probably some from outlying areas who've spotted it while they were inching along in traffic. after all, a big red building is bound to catch your attention sometime.

keric, our teacher for the evening, has an anusara background, so our class was heavily anusara-influenced. i had met him at the yoga mala event last february at yoga blend in burbank where he also teaches, so it was nice that i finally got to take a class with him (by the way, yoga blend is another "green" studio which i hope to be able to revisit sometime soon).

classes are differentiated by level rather than style; they're either "all levels" or "all levels plus". maybe it's an attempt to make yoga less intimidating (and more inviting) to yoga newbies. after all, if they have to think about whether they should be in an iyengar class, a vinyasa flow class, or an ashtanga class, they may just skip the idea of trying a class altogether. and honestly, i've talked with many who never took a yoga class because it was just too confusing. too bad; they don't know what they're missing.

(there's more "green" on my calendar, so stay tuned...)