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Saturday, July 28, 2007

truyoga summer concerts rescheduled

here's a heads-up:

i ran into peter sterios from truyoga at the global mala beach party last saturday. when i mentioned to him that i was available to volunteer at the next concert scheduled for sunday, july 29th, he said that the music for a cause concert schedule had been changed; all the performances have now been merged into one big shindig on sunday, august 26th.

that surprised me, especially since i hadn't heard about the change anywhere, not even via email from truyoga nor lululemon santa monica (a show sponsor).

i checked their websites, and sure enough, not a peep there either. although all mention of any concert past the one last july 1st is now gone. hmmm.

and even more puzzling is that tom freund, the headliner for 7/29, still has the truyoga gig listed on his website. and girish, the headliner for 8/12, can't possibly be in santa monica on 8/26 because he's supposed to be in encinitas, at least according to his myspace page. so what the final schedule ends up looking like, who knows.

looks to me like the best thing is to call truyoga (310-829-2420) or lululemon santa monica (310-319-9900) if you were planning to show up or if you've already bought tickets for any of the remaining performances.

7/29 update -- i found this semi-confirmation on daphne tse's myspace page (she was scheduled to perform with girish on 8/12):

August, 26 2007 at Global Mala Benefit Concert at the Yahoo Center
2425 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90404
Cost: 20

A Benefit Concert for the Global Mala Project: Featuring Dave Stringer, Donna Delory, Wah!, Girish Opening artists: Govindas and Radha, Joey Lugassy, Daphne Tse and Evolve. Come enjoy music for a cause outdoors in the beautiful pavilion of the Yahoo Center/TruYoga in Santa Monica. Come out and support the worldwide event for yoga as peace in action. tickets at www.spiritvoyage.com
or www.truyogala.com

8/1 update -- this came from the latest truyoga email update:

LA-based chant artists are coming together in concert to support the Global Mala Project - Yoga as Peace in Action.

Sunday August 26th - Headliners include, Donna Delory, Girish, Dave Stringer with Miles Shrewsbery, and Wah! Opening acts include Govindas and Radha, Joey Lugassy, Evolve and Daphne Tse.

This event is co-sponsored by TruYoga, Lululemon and Yogi Times. Refreshments provided by RAWvolution and others.

Free outdoor yoga class from 12:30 to 1:30pm taught by Peter Sterios in the Palm Grove at the Yahoo Center.

"Doors" to the concert on the lawn open at 2:00pm music begins at 3:00pm

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Children under 10 are free. All proceeds donated to charity.