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Friday, December 07, 2007

twisting the night away

The Core, Your Perfect Center
4450 West 182nd Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 542-2182
website: www.thecoreypc.com

The Core, Your Perfect Center stands alone in the fitness industry as a one-stop fitness and wellness center for the entire family. With children and adult classes running simultaneously, The Core is truly the fitness oasis the South Bay has been waiting for!
Adults enjoy Nia, Yoga, and Pilates classes from some of the most renowned and inspiring instructors in Southern California while children channel their energy in a positive direction through Art, Dance, and Yoga.
With additional classes tailored specifically for expectant mothers, babies, toddlers, teens, and seniors, there is something for everyone at The Core!
We invite you to socialize in our lounges, enjoy moments of tranquility in our meditation room and devote time to yourself, knowing your children are simultaneously laughing and learning in an enriching class of their own.

while browsing through the various entries i had on the yoga studios here in LA, i realized that i had never gotten around to posting anything about the core in redondo beach. i found that a bit bizarre, especially since my experiences there had been quite memorable and were definitely worth writing about.

like the time i had a one-on-one yoga session with jennifer stevanus and was introduced to her wonderful mix of meditation and movement. i can't seem to recall exactly what we did in class since it was almost six months ago (heck, sometimes i can't even remember what i did in class last week!), but since we were the only ones in the room, we spent much of the time comparing notes and finding out that we both traced our roots back to the philippines. another kababayan!

then there was the special core event when jennifer led our mixed group of students through 108 sun salutations; we were given bowls of beads to help us count our repetitions, and at the end of our two-hour session, we were treated to juice and cookies while we strung the beads on stretchy string and turned them into mala bracelets. so not only did i have to be mindful enough to remember to transfer a bead from one bowl to another each time i completed a surya namaskar, but i also perfected my manual (and visual) dexterity so that i could get the skinny string in those teeny-tiny bead holes when we were done (note to self: face it -- it's time for reading glasses. argh).

this time around, i felt like i had wandered into a kids' class when i dropped by jennifer's 8pm adult yoga class last night. the yoga studio had been converted into a playroom; in the middle of the floor were two twister mats laid side by side -- we were there to do twister yoga!

the class was something jennifer had devised to celebrate the holiday season. there were only three of us who showed up for class that evening (jennifer, a student named john, and myself). since it had been a long time since any of us had played twister, we started out with a brief session of the standard game to limber up. at one point, our arms and legs practically spanned both twister mats. we were doing pretty well until my bottom touched the floor as i tried to duck under john's arm as he reached over me. with our practice session ended, it was time to move on to the real stuff...

jennifer (or anyone with a free hand) would spin, and we would take turns following the instructed combination: right/left hand/foot on green/yellow/blue/red circle. we were free to do any pose we wanted, just as long as the correct body part touched the correct color. both jennifer and john got pretty ambitious in their choice of poses, opting to hold tree and warrior 3, for example, until their next turn. as for me, i passed on the balance poses and chose to stick to standing and seated poses instead. after all, it takes creativity to realize that dandasana, child pose, and wide-angle seated forward bend are acceptable if your turn requires you to keep a hand on the floor :)

since the point of the class was to have fun while doing some yoga, we kept the rules pretty lax just so we could keep going until it was time for savasana. after the class was over, we brainstormed and came up with more ideas for the class; i want to do it again just to see how it evolves!

so far, twister yoga is scheduled to be taught every thursday evening during the month of december only; if there is great demand for more sessions, it could very well be added to the regular schedule of classes. and having something that's a cross between a kid's game and an adult yoga class actually makes sense for a place like the core, a studio for kids of all ages, including those who need reading glasses like me...