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Sunday, January 20, 2008

yoga on channel 4

i thought it interesting that there was not just one, but two, items about the LA yoga scene on channel 4 this weekend. for all i know, there could have been more, but since i rarely watch tv, finding these two was news enough for me :)

the first one was aired saturday on your la, a weekly show which features stories about the people, places, and events that make up the LA scene. called "yoga for guys", this video had reporter tony arneson interviewing diamond dallas page at the equinox gym in santa monica.

here's the teaser:

Meet three-time world champion wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. He's traded his wrestling mat for a yoga mat, and created what's been called "the best damn workout on the planet!" Yoga for Regular Guys combines inspiration with perspiration for a workout that's made for every body.

one of the students in the yoga class was arthur klein, a local filmmaker whose soon-to-be-released film, y yoga movie, spotlights diamond dallas as well as other prominent LA-based yoga instructors (according to the website, "early 2008" is when the DVD's going to be available for purchase).

i caught the second feature on sunday night's channel 4 news extra; it was a re-airing from a news show earlier in the week. titled "how to avoid yoga injuries", the video features yoga works instructor natasha rizopoulos as she shows a student the correct way to do poses.

here's the text of the report from dr. bruce hensel:

Expert Offers Tips To Avoid Yoga Injuries

Research has shown that yoga is good for stress, immunity and a host of other ailments, but it also has a risk of injuries, KNBC's Dr. Bruce Hensel reported.

The popularity of yoga has exploded in recent years, with millions of people flocking to classes at studios and gyms -- but many of them don't realize just how physically demanding yoga can be.

"If people don't understand the correct alignment and practice thoughtfully and consciously, people can sometimes develop injuries," said orthopedic surgeon William Stetson.

Stetson said that he has seen more and more yoga and pilates students come in with lower back, knee and shoulder injuries -- especially baby boomers.

"We know that as you begin to be over 40, 45 into 50, your muscles lose their flexibility and you have to be more diligent," Stetson said.

Shari Caine Markus didn't realize she was hurting herself in yoga, and even considered surgery.

"After practicing for several months, my shoulder was in excruciating pain," Markus said.

It wasn't until she went to Yogaworks instructor Natasha Rizolpoulos (sic) that she realized she was collapsing her shoulders and straining her muscles, Hensel reported.

"So what I taught her how to do was to draw the elbows against her sides and now the triceps are working and the triceps can actually share the work of the pose," Rizolpoulos said.

"It didn't enter my mind before that there is a correct way and an incorrect way," Markus said.

Rizolpoulos recommended that yoga students start slowly in beginner classes, go to smaller classes and ask the instructor to keep an eye on their poses.

She also recommended students go to a reputable studio where instructors are certified, and to stop if there is pain.

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Blogger Yogadawg said...

I thought this video was a satire on Equinox.


4:10 AM  
Blogger joni said...

hey dawg --

leave it to you to find the kinky side of yoga!

if this is an honest-to-goodness promo for "yoga at equinox", it's no wonder we have inappropriate people lurking around yoga classes :(

9:06 AM  

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