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Sunday, February 24, 2008

reaching another milestone

when i first started using the platial tool to add a yoga studio map to the top of my blog page, their mapping functionality was still in its infancy. by incorporating the actual map into my site (rather than including a link to it or just an image of it), i found myself trying to access features that hadn't been ironed out yet. at one point, i was asked by their tech support crew what i expected the maximum number of markers (i.e., yoga studios) on my map to be. at that time, i had visited about 25 studios. so since that already seemed like a lot to me then, i gave them what sounded to be an incredibly large number. 100, i said. there can't be more than a hundred studios in LA...

boy, was i wrong.

yesterday, i took a class at my 100th studio. i've just added the marker on my map, and voila! the map now says that i have a hundred places (unfortunately, the map can't show all 100 markers, just the last 30 or so -- or whatever the display limit is at this point).

unfortunately, not all of those hundred studios are still around. some have closed, while others changed their names when they changed owners. there are twelve markers on my map that point to studios that no longer exist.

of the twelve, ten are now permanently shuttered. they are:

~ bala yoga, los angeles
~ forrest yoga institute, santa monica
~ harmony yoga, manhattan beach (the redondo beach location is still open)
~ illumination yoga, tarzana
~ insight yoga, pasadena
~ mukti yoga, manhattan beach
~ yoga garden studios, santa monica
~ yoga house, toluca lake (the pasadena location is still open)
~ yoga inside out, west hollywood
~ yogamatt, los feliz

two more underwent name changes. they're on the map under both their old names (which are marked as closed) as well as their new names. that way, if anyone tries to find a place under the old name, they'll still be able to find it... and hopefully figure out its new name. those two are:

~ jiva yoga - now yoga works pacific palisades
~ planet yoga - now lyfe yoga center

so let's see... 100 minus 12 is 88. so while i underestimated the number of markers i'd need for my map, i'm still accurate in saying that there aren't more than 100 yoga studios in LA. at least for now.

i know that there are still more on my must-visit list, so we'll see if i ever actually exceed that magical century mark. and when that happens, you know you'll be the first to find out :)