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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

spreading the word

for the past month or so, i've been seeing blurbs here and there about yogi times and their PAY WHAT YOU WISH campaign, which offers:

• One year of Yogi Times delivered right to your door
• Access to the heart of your community
• Support your conscious independent media

with these suggested support levels:
• I am inspired = $18
• I am involved = $25
• I am Yogi Times = You decide

the way i looked at it was: why pay for something to be delivered to my home when i can easily pick it up at a yoga studio somewhere? ok, so i'm cheap...

but after i read the latest email from sophie pariente, editor-in-chief of yogi times, i now understand why.

we need to keep all this good information coming in... let's keep yogi times from going out of business!

here's what she sent out:

It is four in the morning and for the twentieth time I am working on this special announcement. It is probably the most challenging letter that I have ever had to write, but the time has come for me to deliver this message regarding the status of Yogi Times.

With rising operating costs, lower advertising revenues and no corporately funded parent company in place to fuel the demand for our growth, the future of our company is in jeopardy.

We want to create a situation in which Yogi Times, one of the few independent media companies operating in America today, can continue forth with our mission to inspire, educate and unite communities nationwide. We are now reaching out to you, our community of readers, who have witnessed Yogi Times’ birth and growth over the course of the last six years.

How can you help create the future of Yogi Times?

• As a reader, through the same grass roots entrepreneurial spirit that created the magazine, we are now offering a solution to sustain it. The PAY WHAT YOU WISH campaign delivers a copy of Yogi Times right to your door each month at a price you determine! If each one of our readers were to subscribe, our ability to persevere would be secured. subscriptions.yogitimes.com/store/one_page_form.html

• As an advertiser, your participation is essential to the vibrancy of our magazine. Our readers are looking for your message. PARTNER with us. Support independent media and stay on the forefront of the community. Contact us today at: sales@yogitimes.com

• As an investor, JOIN the wingspan of Yogi Times. Become our strategic, financial partner. We champion your ideas and encourage you to contact us right away at invest@yogitimes.com

Yogi Times needs your support!

I am asking everyone who reads this column to take an immediate action. Many of you have already joined our PAY WHAT YOU WISH CAMPAIGN, and we thank you for making an important contribution! For those who have not yet joined our wingspan, I urge you to refrain from thinking that someone else will step up and cover it for you. Become an active member of our community and subscribe online at a price you wish to pay.

Together we are creating MAGIC!

Engaging the world outside,

Sophie and Jc
Founders, Yogi Times